TimelinesAI: Multi-number WeChat and HubSpot Sync and Automation

Start tracking WeChat communication with automatic updates into HubSpot's Contacts and Deals.

Sync unlimited WeChat numbers into HubsSpot

Native Zapier Integration for sending personalized messages from HubSpot

Easy to setup during 100% free trial

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How does HubSpot and WeChat integration work on TimelinesAI?

With our HubSpot and WeChat integration you can automatically sync entire communication from unlimited WeChat accounts to HubSpot Contacts and Deals and automate sending from HubSpot via Zapier.


1. Register free Trial account
Our Trial is 100% free and functional for 10 days. We offer chat support and onboarding materials to get you started.


2. Connect your WeChat and HubSpot
Everything is ready out of the box. Start syncing messages instantly.


3. Choose synchronization settings
Every new message from connected number will be synced to corresponding Contact and Deal (optional) in HubSpot.


4. Invite your team
Scale instantly by inviting your team members right on Trial. TimelinesAI supports unlimited WeChat accounts.

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Native WeChat and Zapier Integration available on HubSpot Integration Plan

Send super personalized automated WeChat messages based on any triggers in HubSpot. Explore pre-made templates to get you started right away.


500+ brands across 34 countries use TimelinesAI

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Verified Reviewer
Good Software! Generally, my experience with Timelines is very good! ☺My favorite thing about the software is the messages apears instantly in the CRM when I chat with a client in whatsapp and this action helps me because I testify that I chatted with the client. ☹Sometimes the system crash while I work and this thing is very annoying
Ampsus A.
A great app! I have been using this app in my sales team, and I think It helps to improve our sales environment, giving us tools to follow all the chats and interactions with our customer. This App has been helping us to improve our customer service, in fact! ☺The app show the interactions with customers in real time!! ☹Sometimes, the app may disconnect from whatsapp, but is easy to log in again.
Heisvel R.
Recomendada ☺Practico, novedoso, buena herramienta de trabajo ☹No esta en español, no hay manual de uso
Estefania M.
Excelente Software, muy util para la gestion de clientes. ☺Su facil uso, ademas funciona muy bien las convesaciones se transfieren muy facil a Pipedrive para una fácil revisión y gestión. ☹Se pueden ver los chat de todos los conectados cuando se entra a la pagina principal y es un poco molesto.
Betsy F.
Very practical ☺I like that reminds me all the conversation with my clients ☹I think there are no cons, I'm very satisfied.
Balder G.
Amazing software ☺It really helps to keep track of bussiness and sale forces work ☹Nothing, I have not found any cons yet
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funcional ☺es un software practico y funcional, objetivo ☹invasión a la privacidad, porque todo el mundo lo lee

hubspot integration updated

Automatically sync communication into HubSpot from multiple WeChat accounts

Seamless one-click installation during 100% free trial

Immediate background sync to HubSpot Contacts and Deals

Connect any existing multiple WeChat numbers

Choose synchronization settings to match your use-case

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Onboard your entire team during trial with just few clicks

TimelinesAI is designed for teams that use multiple individual WeChat accounts

Test your setup before buying during our fully functional free Trial
Sync every message from multiple numbers to corresponding Contacts and Deals in HubSpot

Around the clock live chat support to help you onboard your team

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Hubspot workflow timelinesai0integration

Send automated messages on WeChat from the Hubspot workflow interface

Are you looking for a more efficient way to communicate with your audience? TimelinesAI has integration with Hubspot workflows, which allows for automated WeChat messaging straight from your Hubspot account.

Send WeChat messages based on specific triggers on Hubspot

Set up custom messages

WhatsApp and Zapier integration

Send automated personalized messages to your customers and leads from HubSpot

WeChat and Zapier integration allows you to use any field from HubSpot CRM to build super customized messages

Send automated personalized WeChat welcome messages to new Leads from HubSpot

Send a WeChat message when a Deal stage changes in HubSpot

Use pre-made templates or request a new one for free!

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WhatsApp and Zapier integration

Additional service: Multi-number Shared Inbox (includes HubSpot Integration)

Gain immediate control over your business communication with our unique Shared Inbox for multiple WeChat accounts

Add multiple WeChat accounts to one Shared Inbox and view your business communication in real-time.
Send and receive messages, distribute leads and control important conversations

Send Bulk Reply campaigns right from the Shared Inbox interface

   Use flexible permission settings to craft the best setup for your use-case (coming soon)

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whatsapp message history

Send WeChat messages and continue conversations directly from your CRM / ATS with TimelinesAI chrome extension

Our direct message chrome extension will automatically detect phone numbers from your CRM or any other webpage and provides you easy access to conversations on WeChat.

Send messages instantly from CRM/ATS

Add attachments

Preview the message history

statistica dashboard

Get WeChat business reporting

TimelinesAI provides businesses with key metrics to help evaluate the effectiveness of business communications on WeChat.

Make data-driven decisions and optimize your customer communication strategy

Get an insight into how active your account is in the specific time period

Understand how your team and agents are performing

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about automatic HubSpot and WeChat integration

How to integrate HubSpot with WeChat?

TimelinesAI enables you to integrate WeChat HubSpot, in one click:

  1. Install TimelinesAI – WeChat and HubSpot sync from the HubSpot marketplace.
  2. Connect your WeChat account to TimelinesAI by scanning the system-generated QR code with your WeChat mobile application.
  3. Press “Connect” on the HubSpot Integration page inside the App.

That’s it! From this moment, the WeChat messaging from the connected WeChat account will be automatically synchronized into corresponding HubSpot’s Contacts and Deals. Matching happens automatically based on the WeChta number of your contacts. For new contacts that aren’t yet created in your CRM, Contacts and Deals will be created automatically (optional).


Can I connect multiple WeChat numbers to synchronize WeChat communication of my agents into HubSpot?

Yes. If you connect multiple WeChat accounts to TimelinesAI app, all WeChat messaging will be seamlessly synchronized into HubSpot.

To connect multiple WeChat accounts to TimelinesAI, invite your team members into the TimelinesAI app, and ask them to connect their WeChat numbers by scanning the system-generated QR code on the WeChat tab. If your TimelinesAI workspace is already connected to HubSpot, new messages from the connected WeChat account will be synchronized into HubSpot.

How to use TimelinesAI WeChat and HubSpot with Zapier?

To connect Zapier with HubSpot follow the next steps:

  1. Register an account on the TimelinesAI app;
  2. Scan QR code to connect your WeChat account to the TimelinesAI app;
  3. Navigate to the Zapier Integration tab;
  4. Generate a new token by pressing the button;

This token should be used for authentication when setting up your Zapier integration.

Does HubSpot and WeChat integration support attachment files (documents, voice messages, etc.)?

[openquestionmicro]Yes. Attachments from your WeChat[closequestionmicro] communication will be synchronized into HubSpot and displayed in the corresponding Contacts and Deals.[endfaqmicro]

How does TimelinesAI match contacts from WeChat in HubSpot? Will there be a problem with how we are used to format contact numbers? (e.g. including +, country code, etc.)

TimelinesAI matches contact numbers in several steps. First, we try the exact match in a full international format with leading “+”. If there is no match, we start truncating characters from the left side of the number (as a character string) and fuzzy matching against the number saved in HubSpot. We stop, when there are 7 characters left (too few for an accurate match) and consider this as no-match. In this case, a new Contact will be created automatically (if chosen in settings).

In other words, there will generally be no problem with whatever way you’re using to save your contact numbers.

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