Multi-number WhatsApp management software for Medical industry

Gain 360° visibility & boost performance on WhatsApp.

One place to control and manage ALL WhatsApp communication in real time
Integrate WhatsApp with Zoho (HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive or custom CRM)
Create personalized workflows and automations
Free trial and red carpet onboarding for medical organizations

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TimelinesAI – multi-number WhatsApp management solution

At TimelinesAI we are devoted to help Medical Organizations improve WhatsApp management and performance. We offer a unique suite of products that will create an immediate impact.


Review and manage WhatsApp communication in one place
Add multiple existing WhatsApp numbers to one Inbox to gain immediate control and visibility.


Segment chats by responsible agents
You can assign chats to specific agents to ensure that each chat is handled by the most appropriate agent, resulting in reduced resolution & response times.


Integrate WhatsApp with the tools you use
Native integrations with Zoho, Pipedrive, Hubspot & Zapier. Webhooks and API for other tools.


Customized onboarding and 24/7 support
We will assign a team to help you with a best setup. We are always available to help you via live sessions and 24/7 support chat.

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One Inbox for Multiple WhatsApp Numbers

Seamlessly manage all your WhatsApp numbers in one inbox

Perfect solutions sales / account management and support departments to manage ALL chats from multiple (unlimited) WhatsApp numbers in one place, updated in real-time.

Flexible permission settings to organize your Shared Inbox the way you need
Collaboration tools for collective management of your chats: assigning, segmentation, labeling chats, setting reminders, permissions management, quick reply templates, etc.
Preserve all communication history in one place for immediate management and review.
Simple one-click setup
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zoho contacts

Integrate WhatsApp with ZOHO with 1 click

No more manual data entry! You'll never miss a conversation and have all of your customer data automatically synced to ZOHO.

Automatic real-time sync of all contacts / leads & chats
Works with any custom module in Zoho CRM
Send messages directly from Zoho CRM
Create ANY WhatsApp workflows and Automations
Check our ZOHO Integration Playbook
zoho whatsapp integration

Build any imaginable automations & workflows

You'll be able to provide your customers with a top-notch, personalized experience that'll drive more sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Automatically respond to new leads with highly personalized messages from responsible agents
Build workflows based on any triggers in your CRM using available data for personalization
Send messages to selected segments to re-activate, upsell and boost revenue
Our team will help you to setup any automations you need free of charge!
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WeChat Pipedrive

Integrations with other CRMs and marketing software

Not using ZOHO? No problem, we got you covered with native HubSpot, Pipedrive, Monday, Salesforce and other integration.

Automatic real-time sync of all contacts / leads & chats
Webhooks & API to integrate with custom CRM solutions
Zapier and to integrate WhatsApp in any workflows
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Customized onboarding for your team

Learning new software takes time, but we are here to make it seamless for you!

We offer Customer success sessions during trial to understand & implement best practices
Custom help with a setup – our technical support specialists available around the clock to help you with anything
Need more time to try TimelinesAI? No problem, we will extend your trial to tailor your needs.
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statistica dashboard

Review analytics to streamline your communication

By analyzing data, you can improve communication strategies and ensure that messages are reaching the intended audience in the most effective way possible.

Make data-driven decisions and optimize your customer communication strategy

Get an insight into how active your account is in the specific time period

Understand how your team and agents are performing

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Zoho WhatsApp

Start and continue WhatsApp messages from any CRM/ATS or webpage

You can send WhatsApp messages directly from your CRM without having to switch between different windows or applications.

Automatically detect phone numbers from your CRM
Instant access to WhatsApp without leaving the CRM
Add any kind of attachments
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chatGPT integration

Automate your customer support with ChatGPT& WhatsApp integration

Stop wasting precious time and energy on manual communications when you can automate the process and free up your schedule.

Automatically answer your messages on WhatsApp

Get a multilingual autoresponder on WhatsApp

Quick setup, no coding skills are required

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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Whatsapp management solution for Medical clinics

Is it possible to have one interface for all incoming messages from different WhatsApp numbers?

Yes. You can connect multiple WhatsApp accounts to share access with the rest of the team and manage all Whatsapp accounts in one workspace.

Can we assign chats to different team members?

You can assign chats to a particular teammate

Is it possible to integrate with custom CRM systems?

Yes. We have Native Pipedrive, Hubspot integrations, and webhooks to connect with any other tools. Also, we have Native Zapier integration that helps you to set up trigger-based automated messages on WhatsApp.

Can we send bulk messages?

You can launch mass messaging campaigns by uploading CSV files and reply in bulk to your customers

Do I need to get permission from the Meta?

No. TimelinesAI is an independently operated service that is not endorsed or affiliated to WhatsApp or Meta.

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