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Integrate your sales team`s Whatsapp to Start tracking Whatsapp business communication & automate your Whatsapp communication.

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Send WhatsApp messages from Monday

Do you constantly have to open the WhatsApp application to send a message to clients? With TimelinesAI, you can send messages and updates to your customers on WhatsApp without leaving the Monday app. All messages will sync simultaneously in real-time.

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Connect regular and Business

Connect multiple WhatsApp numbers

Using Timelines you can connect multiple WhatsApp numbers and automatically synchronize all chats. This is the right solution if your agents carry individual numbers or you use more than one WhatsApp account in your company.

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WhatsApp and Zapier integration

Automate Whatsapp easily with TimelinesAI native Zapier integration

Add intuitive rules to automate your Whatsapp to Monday integration. Assign prospect owners, create deals and tags, and send personalized messages based on Whatsapp messaging.

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Use WhatsApp with multiple users

Via TimelinesAI, you can invite teammates and manage the workspace with the team. Invited teammates can send a message from one WhatsApp account. It means if one agent is not available another agent can take over communication with the customer.

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Automate your Whatsapp communication On Now

Integrate Whatsapp to, send pre-defined personalized messages and tracking Whatsapp business communication

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Whatsapp to Monday integration

What do I need to do to integrate WhatsApp to Monday?

TimelinesAI enables you to integrate Whatsapp with Monday via native Zapier integration.  You need to navigate to the Zapier Integration tab in your TimelinesAI workspace and generate a new token. This token should be used for authentication when setting up your Zapier integration.

Can I automate messages on WhatsApp?

Yes, TimelinesAI Zapier integration allows you to automate your messages.

How do I find out from which account the message was sent to the client if multiple WhatsApp numbers are connected?

Before sending a message, you can choose from which account to send a message.

Does your integration support attachments?

Yes, TimelinesAI supports any kind of attachment from WhatsApp.

Is it possible to send mass messaging campaigns on WhatsApp through your app?

Yes, you can upload the custom CSV list to send the Mass messaging campaign on Whatsapp to your contacts.

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