Collaborate with your team on your messaging with new Comments and Reminders

Collaborate on your messaging in a much easier and productive way! Now you can comment and discuss any message from your Timeline with the rest of your team:

Collaborate on your work with clients with the rest of your team

They will be able to respond and write their own comments. All the discussions about your work or negotiations with clients now have one specific place in your Timeline – as opposed to being scattered around team chats and meetings!If you mention a teammate and type their e-mail, they will receive a notification, so it is useful when you want them to pay attention to the message or comment. You may actually set tasks related to the messages this way!Speaking of which – if you need to follow up with your client, set a Reminder!

Set reminders to follow up with your clients

You may choose a specific day and time and put a note to remember what you intended to do about it. When the selected time comes you will get an e-mail with the note and link to the message. We’re working on the option to set reminders for your teammates, so they would receive it as a task and will be able to notify you when it’s completed. It must simplify teamwork on messaging significantly – let us know what you think about this idea!

Some other quality of life improvements:

  • You may now edit Notes
  • The message actions menu is now floating and displays more quick actions like Share or Delete right away. It must make the functionality more accessible and convenient for you.

Remember that we’re open for feedback and we’re always glad to hear from our users! What we should add or improve next? Let us know in the Intercom chat or create a post on our Roadmap!

Kyrylo Taranenko

I wear many hats at TimelinesAI in order to hear from our users and help the development team choose the right direction

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