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Improved Collaboration on Whatsapp: Whatsapp delivery status, track messages sent by team members, and more

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Whatsapp messaging insights

New features

Delivery status and actual message senders. Messages now show the delivery status (to tell if the message was sent to Whatsapp or read by the recipient). TimelinesAI also displays the name of the agent who sent the message using the connected Whatsapp number. This information is internal and is only visible to your team (recipients don’t see it on Whatsapp). It helps to improve accountability and provides team leads and business owners with more control of their Whatsapp accounts.

Collaboration teammate is typing
Collaboration teammate is typing

Real-time message composition notification. When another teammate is composing a message in the same chat, the app displays the corresponding message: “John is currently typing”. It helps to simplify collaboration on Whatsapp.

Automatic assignment of Responsible agent. By default, new chats from Whatsapp are not assigned to any team member. With this update, the agent who sends the first reply into the chat will be automatically assigned as Responsible for this contact. The Responsible can be changed manually if required.

Read/unread. Marking chat as read shows it as read to all users in the workspace. Marking chat as “unread” is individual and the chat will still be displayed as read to other team members. It is done to help agents who mark chats unread as a reminder to handle them later.

Mute/Unmute. It is now possible to mute or unmute chats. It will disable or enable the Whatsapp notifications on your desktop for selected chats as well (if Notifications are enabled for your profile)

Stability improvements and bugfixes

  • Bugfix: whatsapp account becomes disconnected each time Whatsapp Web is activated
  • Fixed chat labels changes made by other users to be displayed dynamically (without page reload)
  • Fixed: messages with multiple files as attachments sent from Whatsapp displayed with attachements on Timelines
  • Fixed: When no quick reply templates are configured, pressing “/” and then “Enter” no longer clears the message being edited.
  • Fixed: PDF attachments combined with a text message are now correctly sent to Whatsapp

Got feedback or want to request features?

Contact us in the real-time chat in the bottom right corner of your screen. We listen to the feedback we get from our users!

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    Making your experience with our Product better day by day.

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    Natalia Tsvalinska

    Making your experience with our Product better day by day.

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