Media Preview for attachments in your messages + deletion for Chats!

We added the media preview to the messages in your Timelines:

Attachments preview

The file preview is coming to the Attachments tab in the next update as well!Some of you were asking for an option to delete the Timelines and the messages and files from the system completely. In other words, for more control over your content. We have added it!

Timeline deletion

Now, if you possess the Owner role in your Workspace, you will have the option to delete the Timeline of choice. This will delete all the messages, comments, tasks, and files created inside it – so be careful! This action is irreversible.As always, we listen to all the improvements or ideas you suggest. So if you have anything on your mind that would make the app more useful or convenient for you, feel free to write us in chat or submit your ideas on our Roadmap!

Kyrylo Taranenko

I wear many hats at TimelinesAI in order to hear from our users and help the development team choose the right direction

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