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PipeDrive Whatsapp integration, Webhook Outbound Integration to automate Whatsapp, and Unread Messages improvements

New Feature: Automatic creation of a Deal for new Whatsapp chat in PipeDrive

TimelinesAI automatically synchronizes the communication with your contacts to Pipedrive.

If there is a Deal connected to the Person on Pipedrive, Whatsapp messages will appear in the Deal’s feed as well. If there is no Deal connected to the Person, it will be created automatically – it is a custom option that can be disabled in the PipeDrive integration Settings on TimelinesAI.

The Deal for new contacts will have the next format: “Whatsapp Deal + contact number in brackets”, e.g. “Whatsapp Deal (+498963648018)”. Since the only information that is known about the new contact is their Whatsapp number, the number is inserted as the Person’s and Deal`s name. But once the contact is renamed on Whatsapp or TimelinesAI, it will be automatically renamed with a proper name on Pipedrive too.

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See all communication from the newly contacted person in Deal

If there is a new contact messaging you in Timelines they will be syncronised to your PipeDrive. That kind of contact will get a Deal in your PipeDrive with the number instead of the name.


New feature: Sync Responsible in Timeline and Owner in Pipedrive

It is possible to automatically assign the ownership of the Whatsapp contacts on Pipedrive. For this to work, the email on TimelinesAI and Pipedrive profiles should be similar, and the Whatsapp number should be connected under the profile of the person who wants to maintain ownership of their contacts. In such a case, the contacts that come through the Whatsapp number of a given profile on TimelinesAI will be assigned an Owner in Pipedrive.

For example, you invite a salesperson named Alex to TimelinesAI. Alex connects their Whatsapp number to TimelinesAI. The email that Alex uses for TimelinesAI and Pipedrive is the same. Alex will be automatically assigned as an Owner of all Whatsapp contacts that sync from his number on Pipedrive.

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Other new features

Automatically rename contacts in PipeDrive. If you rename a contact on Whatsapp and TimelinesAI it will be automatically renamed in PipeDrive. However, to trigger this action, that contact should send or receive a message from your WA number connected to Timelines.

See the history of changes of PipeDrive Person in Timelines chat. Now in Timelines it’s possible to check changes made in a person in PipeDrive.

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New feature: Outbound webhook sends “bundle” messages over period of time

To make the usage of tasks quota more efficient, TimelinesAI provides a possibility to aggregate multiple messages sent or received in a specific chat over the selected period of time. The messages are sent via the webhook as a single “bundle”. For your convenience, such “bundle” contains a field with the pre-formatted aggregation of messages. Also it includes a link to the point in conversations in TimelinesAI.

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New feature: Filtering by read/unread chats and displaying unread chats first in the chat list

Now chats, which have unread messages will be displayed first in the list of chats. Also new filter criteria is available. Now it’s possible to create a filtered view, which includes unread chats only or read chats only.

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