Quick Replies/Templates for Whatsapp, Bulk Reply improvements

TimelinesAI – Using Whatsapp Quick Reply for your team

New features:

Quick Reply Template
Adding the Quick Reply Template

Quick Replies

By many user requests, added “Quick replies”. You can create message templates for your team, and use them to quickly respond in chats (or to start a new chat).

To create a new Quick reply template for your team, go to the Whatsapp -> Quick Reply tab, and press “New Template”. Your teammates will be able to use it once they type the / symbol into the chat.

Quick replies can also be used for Start New Chat and Bulk Reply features.

Bulk Reply Management

  • The limit of 50 chats is removed. You can have as many contacts in your Bulk Reply list as you wish.
  • The sending process is visualized and can be paused / resumed / cancelled
  • If you have pre-set Quick Reply templates, they can be used for Bulk Reply

Start New Chat Improvements

  • The team member who starts a chat is automatically assigned as Responsible for the chat
  • You can use Quick Replies for Start New Chat
  • Copypasting images now works (e.g. taking a screenshot and pasting it into the message)
  • Country code is auto-detected when pasting a phone number from the clipboard

Quality of Life Improvements

  • You can now copy-paste images into chat response from the clipboard (e.g. taking a screenshot and pasting it into the answer as an attachment)
  • Share your Filters (custom chat list presets) with your team: when updating a Filter, check the “Shared with the team” checkbox, and the filter view will become visible to your teammates.
  • The “Team” page is now displayed in your navigation menu to make team management more convenient

Stability improvements and bugfixes:

  • Improved detection of offline (powered down / no network) states of mobile device and quicker recovery from offline state
  • Fixed QR code generation issues

Kyrylo Taranenko

I wear many hats at TimelinesAI in order to hear from our users and help the development team choose the right direction

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