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TimelinesAI extension for Whatsapp (Chrome)

Chrome Whatsapp extension screenshot
Chrome extension for Whatsapp

We are delighted to present TimelinesAI for Whatsapp Chrome extension: a new powerful way to keep your Timelines synced with your personal chats with a click of a button!

Get the extension on the Chrome Store

Most important things to know when using the extension:

1. This solution enables you to save messages and images from your Whatsapp chats into Timelines. This provides you with an easy way to save and organize the most important information from Whatsapp, view e-mails and messages in one place, share your individual communication with your team or add it to your report.

2. The extension works with Whatsapp Web on the Desktop version of Chrome only. It doesn’t work on Mobile and it cannot work with Whatsapp Desktop application.

3. When you get new messages into your chats, you have to manually sync those chats. But don’t worry: the extension remembers the selection of the workspace and timeline for each chat and it will only export the new messages for the chats that were fully synced in the past.

4. Only English display language is currently supported for Whatsapp for Web. Using other locales might result in messages exported with incorrect dates. You can set Whatsapp for Web to be displayed in English display language. To do so you need to change your phone system language to English.

5. The extension currently doesn’t support exporting media such as audio messages, videos, documents, contacts and locations. We only support text messages and images at this time. Additional media will be supported in the future. If you need to export media from a specific chat into Timelines, you can use an export feature from the Whatsapp Mobile app, as described in our help article.

Some additional info about how it works

The extension works by loading the chat history and extracting it from the web interface of Whatsapp for Web. During the export process, you may see that the chat history gets scrolled and images are loaded. This is normal. Don’t close the browser tab or navigate to another chat while the process is running: this will interrupt the export and it will have to be resumed later. When you export a chat with a very long history for the first time, it may take a long period of time because the chat history, including images, gets uploaded from your mobile (up to tens of minutes for huge chats that go back for many years). Make sure that during the export process, your mobile is connected to Wifi to ensure good speed and avoid charges for mobile data.

Some of the features and improvements that we are currently working on:

  • Support for Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew locales, with more to come.
  • Support of additional media types (documents, videos, voice messages, contacts)
  • Limiting chat history export
  • Exporting individual messages
  • Improving deduplication of messages between mobile app chat exports and extension exports.

We are always open to your feedback, bug reports or suggestions for improvement. Please reach out in the web app chat in case you have questions or ideas to share.


I wear many hats at TimelinesAI in order to hear from our users and help the development team choose the right direction


Kyrylo Taranenko

I wear many hats at TimelinesAI in order to hear from our users and help the development team choose the right direction

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