Automatic Whatsapp to Zapier integration

Integrate Whatsapp to Zapier. Automate mundane tasks, increase your business performance on Whatsapp.

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Whatsapp Zapier Automation

Automate Whatsapp easily with Zapier, Integromat or custom code

Add intuitive rules to automate your Whatsapp integration on Zapier with TimelinesAI webhooks. Assign prospect owners, create deals and tags, send replies based on Whatsapp messaging.

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Connect Multiple Whatsapp Numbers

Do your agents carry individual Whatsapp numbers? Easily connect and synchronize messaging from multiple Whatsapp numbers into Zapier. No Whatsapp Business API required.

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Whatsapp Zapier Auto Reply and Follow Ups

Get Whatsapp auto-reponse and automatically follow up with your clients

Improve the sales and support experience of your clients on Whatsapp with automatic replies and follow ups via Zapier

Improve your Business Performance on Whatsapp with Zapier Automations

Integrate Whatsapp to Zapier, or request custom integration to automate your Whatsapp sales&support. Book a live demo of the integration below.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Whatsapp Zapier integration

How to integrate Whatsapp with Zapier?

TimelinesAI enables you to integrate Whatsapp with Zapier via webhooks. This means that you may use Zapier’s “Catch Webhook” feature to synchronize Whatsapp messaging with your contacts via TimelinesAI. To complete your integration, you can add rules to any third-party application that is supported by Zapier (like PipeDrive,, etc.).

How Whatsapp Zapier integration compares to Whatsapp Business API?

Whatsapp Business API is suitable in case your company owns one Whatsapp Business number that you want to automate. Whatsapp Zapier integration is the right choice in case your managers carry individual numbers, or if you want to keep the history of Whatsapp messaging with your clients.

Can I use Zapier for PipeDrive Whatsapp integration?

Yes. To set this integration up on TimelinesAI, use Zapier’s “Catch Hook” feature, and add the automation on PipeDrive on top of it. Here’s the link to the template that will synchronize Whatsapp messages into the relevant Person on Pipedrive. You can also set up the automation to send replies to Whatsapp from PipeDrive.

Can I ask your team to handle the integration for me?

Yes. For customers of our Business plan, we provide the option to book the integration (at a custom quote). In such a case we will collect your requirements and handle the implementation for you.

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