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Zoho CRM and WhatsApp Integration by TimelinesAI

Learn more about Whatsapp and Zoho CRM Integration and how our integration works.

You may sync new contacts from WhatsApp to Zoho CRM (and CRM Plus) through TimelinesAI-Zoho CRM Integration.

How to setup the Zoho CRM Integration on TimelinesAI

Things to keep in mind before integrating TimelinesAI with Zoho CRM:

1. This integration only syncs WhatsApp contact to Zoho CRM
2. Only the workspace owner can establish the connection (Master connection)

You’ll see the Zoho CRM section available within the sidebar that’s on the left:

WhatsApp and Zoho integration

Clicking on the “Connect Zoho CRM” button will take you to an OAuth page where you’ll allow access to your Zoho CRM. After approving the access, you’ll be taken back to the Zoho CRM section on TimelinesAI.

Within this section, you’ll find the Integration Settings, which will contain the following:

  1. Test Integration: This button will allow you to test the integration by creating a new contact in Zoho CRM to which a WhatsApp message will be sent from the TimelinesAI Support

How does the integration work?

The integration will match your contacts from WhatsApp and Zoho CRM based on their phone number. If no phone number is matched on Zoho CRM, then a new contact will be automatically created. The contacts created on Zoho CRM will display their numbers in International Format .

Note: Contacts within Group Chats will not be synced

The created contact(s) will contain the following elements:

  1. Contact Owner: It’ll be assigned based on the following:
    – The Zoho CRM user (within the Zoho organization account): We’ll match the user’s email address on Zoho with the WhatsApp account owner’s email on TimelinesAI, where the contact came from
    – If there’s no match, then the Zoho CRM user that established the connection between TimelinesAI and Zoho CRM will be assigned as the owner of said contact
  2. Contact Name: Contacts will be named as “New WhatsApp contact: “.
    – Have in mind that, if the contact is renamed on WhatsApp, the same contact will also be renamed on Zoho
  3. Phone: This field will contain the contact’s phone number
  4. Lead Source: It’ll be set as “TimelinesAI”
  5. Created by: This field will indicate the contact owner, along with a timestamp
  6. Description: Here you’ll find the TimelinesAI Chat Link (i.e.:
  7. Next Iteration: Workflow integration for synced contact

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