Mass Messaging Campaigns

TimelinesAI allows you to create Mass Messaging campaigns, which will give you an increased reach and communicate with new and existing contacts that you want to reach on Whatsapp. Whether you want to inform all your contacts about a new product and/or service, or share updates in general, Mass Messaging will enable you to accomplish it.

With Mass Messaging Campaigns, you’ll be able to: 

  1. Reach large groups of contacts
  2. Send messages to both, individual and group chats
  3. Create templates for your campaigns
  4. Export contacts from your CRM to reach out to them on Whatsapp at scale
  5. Upload CSV files of your contacts to easily set up your campaigns
  6. Review the most recent status of your campaigns via CSV reports

You can access the Mass Messaging menu by logging in to your workspace and clicking on the Mass Messaging section, within the sidebar that’s on the left, as shown in the image below:

How to create a Mass Messaging campaign:

To create a campaign, it is imperative to keep in mind the following details:

  • You can only create a campaign by uploading a CSV file.
  • We suggest sending campaigns that don’t exceed 350-400 contacts, per batch
  • The limit of messages you can send will be set custom, depending on your requirements and a quote. 

Creating a Mass Messaging Campaign 

  1. Upload the CSV file
  2. Click on the green “Upload CSV File” button
  3. Select the desired CSV file you’d like to use
  4. Confirm the details shown below:

    1. The steps you’ll follow during the process
    2. The remaining messages you have available
    3. The variables found within your CSV file; you’ll be able to use them when creating the message for your campaign
    4. Click on this button to proceed to the next step; “Select Template”
  1. Select your Template:  

TimelinesAI allows you to create a new template for your new campaign or, you may use templates that you have previously made. To learn more about how to create and save templates, please refer to this article.

  1. Preview & Send: 

You’ll be able to edit and preview your message here, check if variables were properly added to the desired sections within your message, and, provided that there is more than one WhatsApp account within your workspace, you’ll be able to select the sender as well.

Here’s a video to illustrate how you can create a message, where to find your templates, and how to use the variables within your new message:
Creating and Editing a Mass Messaging Campaign: Variables, Templates, and more.

Keep in mind that you may edit your message during this stage; you may also use the variables that will display on the left side of the message box, as well as attach a file to your message.


This feature will allow you to easily pick the variables you need for your message. These will be taken from your CSV and will be available for you to just click on any variable, which will automatically copy it to your clipboard and will then allow you to paste it within your message: 


Once you have set up your Mass Messaging campaign, you will be able to proceed by clicking on the green “Send X Message(s)” button that’s at the bottom-right corner of this section. 

It is important to note that once you send the messages, our system will take a couple of minutes to schedule for sending them. You’ll see a “Scheduled” status that will indicate the waiting time is on – this time window can allow you to cancel the campaign if necessary.

Note that you will receive an email once the message is sent, so it is safe to close this menu.

Campaign Statuses

Timelines will allow you to check the status of a given campaign. There are three statuses that you’ll be able to check in your campaigns:

  • “Scheduled”: This will show up after you complete your campaign and send the messages. Keep in mind that this status lasts for ~2 minutes. During this time, you may click on “Cancel”, to stop the campaign from being sent.
  • “In progress”: It indicates that the campaign is running. It may take a lot of time for a large campaign to complete, because there’s a certain delay while sending messages, to prevent WhatsApp from blocking the account.
  • “Completed”: This status will indicate that the campaign has been successfully created and the messages were sent – it’ll display after the “In progress” status is over
  • “Canceled by user”: This means that someone from your workspace canceled the campaign while it was on the “Scheduled” status
  • “Draft”: This status means that the campaign was left unfinished; it was not sent to anyone. You may edit the campaign and complete it by clicking on the “Edit Campaign” button.

Mass Messaging Reports

We provide notifications and reports, which will keep you informed about your campaigns and even show you the most recent data on the current status of each of your messages. 

You’ll receive an email from us once your campaign is sent. This email will contain a link that will take you to the Mass Messaging section so you can review your recent campaigns. Here you’ll be able to review reports, which you can download as CSV files, by clicking on the “Download CSV” button that will be found under the “Action” column.

Statuses within the CSV report:

You will notice within the CSV report the columns, “Sending status”(E) and “Delivery status”(G); each with their column, “Sending time”(F) and “Delivery time”(H), respectively.

  • Sending Status: Indicates whether the messages were successfully sent from the system.
  • Delivery Status: It indicates whether the messages arrived at your contacts. If you notice, for example, that some say “Failed”, then this could be due to the contact not being able to receive your message.

Have in mind that you can always download your CSV reports – these will always display the most recent data of your campaign.


Can I export a CSV list from Pipedrive/Hubspot/other CRM and use it for WhatsApp mass sending via TimelinesAI?

You can do so – as long as it is a CSV file, then you should be able to export them from your CRM(Pipedrive, HubSpot, etc.) onto Timelines. 

We strongly recommend double-checking your contacts within your CRM before exporting them into a CSV file, to ensure that these have their profile details completed. 

Do I have to wait for Whatsapp pre-approval to send the campaign?

It takes ~2 minutes for the campaign to get started but, the completion time will vary; it’ll depend on the number of contacts and may take minutes/hours

Does this use Whatsapp API? Can I use a Regular/Business WhatsApp account to send the campaign?

You may use either Regular or Business accounts to connect a WhatsApp number to TimelinesAI and be able to send a Mass Messaging Campaign.

Does it automatically start a new chat on WhatsApp if it’s the first time messaging this contact?

Yes, it does start a new chat if this is the first time messaging a contact.

What happens if I don’t finish the setup of the campaign? Can I resume my draft later?

Definitely! You’ll be able to continue working on your draft campaign from the Mass Messaging section on the Timelines interface.

Can I try it for free?

Yes, all plans have a default of 20 messages/month quota included, which allows you to try how mass messaging works. 

How much does it cost? How do I increase my sending quota?

We provide custom quotes based on the required contacts limit per month

Why am I unable to message all of my contacts after sending the campaign?

Most likely this is happening because you have exceeded your monthly Mass Messaging quota. 
If you notice that you still have remaining messages but the issue persists, then feel free to contact us at – we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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