Create ChatGPT autoresponder for WhatsApp in minutes

TimelinesAI allows you to set up a ChatGPT autoresponder in your WhatsApp account without code or external automation tools! Change the way you communicate with your customers on WhatsApp.

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Free 10 day trial. No credit card required

Automatically answer your business messages on WhatsApp

Automate your business conversations in a few clicks. We use ChatGPT text-davinci-003 model with up to 1000 tokens per single request. Up to 16 most recent WhatsApp messages in the conversation will be supplied together with the prompt to allow for highly relevant and context-aware replies.

Set up your own rules by describing what you want

Set up automated messages to respond to your customer’s inquiries, provide them with helpful information, and engage with them in real time. You need to edit the Prompt to supply appropriate instructions to ChatGPT engine.

Get a multilingual autoresponder on WhatsApp

The chatbot could respond to all your WhatsApp messages in different languages. You just need to write the instruction in your prompt to continue the conversation in the same language. Try it for free in TimelinesAI app

Generate a WhatsApp Chat Summary with ChatGPT

With the ChatGPT Integration on TimelinesAI, you can generate a chat thread summary, to get a brief overview of a conversation with your contacts on WhatsApp.

Set up the integration in a few minutes

You don’t need any technical skills or programming knowledge to get started – simply sign up for the TimelinesAI app and OpenAI, and we’ll guide you through the process of setting up your auto-responder.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about ChatGPT & WhatsApp integration

How to set up ChatGPT and WhatsApp integration?

Follow these steps to try our WhatsApp and ChatGPT autoresponder:

  1. Register a free trial account in the TimelinesAI app (no credit card required);
  1. Ask in support chat to enable the ChatGPT feature for you.

Learn more about the WhatsApp and ChatGPT integration ― autoresponder for WhatsApp conversations in our knowledge base.

What is a TimelinesAI?

TimelinesAI is a tool that helps you to:

  1. Integrate multiple individual WhatsApp numbers to your CRM;
  2. Get a shared inbox for multiple WhatsApp numbers;
  3. Send personalized WhatsApp messages and automate your workflow;
  4. Launch mass messaging campaigns on WhatsApp.

Will auto-responses be sent immediately or with a delay?

ChatGPT auto-response is activated with a delay of 5 seconds after the message was received.

Does the ChatGPT autoresponder answer all chats?

You can enable the auto-response by default in the new chats option if you want ChatGPT auto-responder to be activated by default in all new conversations started by you or by the other party.