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Post Sales CRM for Customer-Facing Teams

TimelinesAI helps business owners and their teams stay on top of communication with new and long-term customers and clients.

Organize, share, and review the most important messages from email and Whatsapp in one place. Exchange comments, set reminders, and keep the information from business messages from loss.

Improve your awareness, manager’s efficiency, and retain more clients.

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Work with your clients doesn’t end when you win them.
It may be difficult to keep up to all communication in your company as you grow.

We built Timelines to help you easily stay in the loop of business messages, save time and review all the communication in one place and maintain good relations with your clients.

What you get using TimelinesAI



Create contextual folders for your messages from e-mail and Whatsapp and get them sorted into a structured system.


Stay in control

Your team can choose what chats they want to share, so private messages will remain private. The shared communication with your clients will be easily searchable and accessible to your company, even in 5 years.


Act on relevant information quickly and conveniently

View messages and documents from different channels in a chronological order in one place. Bookmark, add comments and share shortcuts to specific messages through your favorite collaboration tools (e-mail, Slack, etc.).



It only takes 1 minute to read the whole Timeline. Update people inside and outside of your organization about the results of business-related messaging. Share knowledge and proof of the most important decisions instantly.


Retain more clients

Using TimelinesAI increased the manager's efficiency in our team by 40% and we retain more long-term clients even during COVID-19 outbreak.

Store, view and keep track of all important messages and documents across the whole team, easily find them later.
Make your clients impressed and maintain your long-term partnerships with more awareness.

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What TimelinesAI is useful for?


If you need to make decisions, respond to claims or prepare for meetings based on the results of the individual communications, TimelinesAI enables your team to store, review, add details and report the most important messages in a structured way that integrates with the tools you already use.



Organize and view messages&attachments from different channels in one place


Share messages with dedicated easy to read pages instead of forwarding


Make information accessible to entire organization or specific team members


Grant temporary access with limited rights


Document most important messaging with teammates, clients, contractors, suppliers and government


Integrations: automatic importing for e-mail, addon for WhatsApp


Soon: Slack integration, Zapier integration

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Is TimelinesAI an official WhatsApp solution?

No. TimelinesAI is an alternative client, inspired and based on Whatsapp Web, but adding collaboration features. Official WhatsApp solution for businesses requires passing approval procedure, complex technical setup and expensive infrastructure.
We understand that most SMB are interested in sharing the option to communicate with clients using the same Whatsapp numbers across the team, so that’s what we do: a shared Whatsapp Inbox that you can setup in less than 5 minutes and get a lot of useful features for your team (such as follow up reminders, internal comments, notes and more).

What are TimelinesAI best usage scenarios?

#1 Set your team up for collaboration on Whatsapp inquiries from your clients. You only need to connect your number and invite your teammates into the app. It literally takes 5 minutes. The best thing is that all the communication is retained, and will be accessible in years even if your managers quit the company.
#2 Onboard new members onto the communication with long-term clients. Just invite them to view the chat and they will be up to speed in several minutes.
#3 Connect Whatsapp to your CRM or Project Management system (Coming soon).

Can I send mass messages?

No. This is strictly against Whatsapp terms of use and also against our own usage policies. Our proposal is to simplify and improve the efficiency of communication, not to produce mass messages, which can be easily interpreted as spam by WhatsApp. If our team assesses that you are making inappropriate use of our technology, sending spam for example, we can block your TimelinesAI account. To maintain this restriction, we only allow replies to chats that were initiated by the other party or where the other party already responded to your messages.

Can I use my own number with your app?

Yes you can. However, we cannot guarantee that your number will not be blocked by WhatsApp. We take a lot of precautions with the use of our technology to prevent numbers from being blocked, but we cannot say that your number will not be banned, because this decision is up to Whatsapp and not us.

Can I integrate with my CRM or project management system?

The feature is coming soon! We’re working on the integration with PipeDrive, SalesForce, and Monday. We also have a public API on our roadmap that will enable you to connect to any system of your choice (for example, via Zapier or other similar integration tools), even if it is custom developed. Sign up for early access to these features and we’ll let you know once it will be available!

I have another question. How do I contact you?

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