Streamline Your Communication: Integrate WhatsApp Numbers with Gmail

Elevate your communications by seamlessly integrating your WhatsApp numbers with Gmail. Enjoy a unified platform for emails and WhatsApp messaging.

Keep all your Gmails and WhatsApp messages conveniently organized in one place
Send WhatsApp messages directly from your Gmail account
Set up trigger-based automatic WhatsApp messages

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How TimelinesAI helps you win with Gmail and WhatsApp integration

TimelinesAI centralizes your Gmail and WhatsApp messages, ensuring all your communication is conveniently organized in one place. This unified platform simplifies your workflow and enhances your efficiency.


Tailored Trial and Onboarding
We are happy to personalize your trial experience. Whether you want to connect more than 100 numbers or require extra time for setup, we have you covered.


24/7 Live Chat Support
Our dedicated live chat support is at your service around the clock. From guiding you through the onboarding process to conducting live demos, our multilingual team is proficient in English, Spanish, Russian, and over 80 other languages.


Connect WhatsApp to Your CRM Easily
TimelinesAI connects WhatsApp to many CRM systems, so your customer info syncs automatically. No more typing it in yourself.


Make WhatsApp Easy
With TimelinesAI, handling multiple WhatsApp numbers is a breeze. We give you a shared inbox that keeps all your chats in one place.

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WhatsApp and Gmail integation

Manage Email and WhatsApp Messaging together

Take control of your communication by centralizing WhatsApp conversations within Gmail, providing a unified platform for both email and WharsApp conversations.

Manage both email and WhatsApp  messaging from one inbox
Enjoy real-time communication with your WhatsApp contacts directly within Gmail
No more switching between apps
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Send automated whatsapp from Gmail

Send Automated WhatsApp Messages for New Gmail Labels

Simplify your communication by automatically sending WhatsApp messages whenever a new label is applied to an email in Gmail.

Receive instant notifications on WhatsApp when important emails are labeled in Gmail
Reducing the need for manual follow-up
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send whatsapp messages from gmail

Send WhatsApp messages right from Gmail

Improve your customer engagement by sending WhatsApp messages directly from your inbox. Preview, respond, and attach files without leaving Gmail.

Send WhatsApp messages instantly to customers and contacts directly from your Gmail interface
Preview your WhatsApp message history within Gmail
Easily attach files and documents to your WhatsApp messages from within Gmail
Whatsapp Zapier Auto Reply and Follow Ups

Get notified on WhatsApp whenever you have a new gmail

Stay on top of your Gmail inbox and never miss an important email by receiving instant WhatsApp notifications for new messages.

Get notified on WhatsApp as soon as a new Gmail arrives

Respond quickly to critical emails, inquiries, or updates
Keep track of your Gmail inbox seamlessly through WhatsApp
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CRM Whatsapp integration screenshot

Streamline Marketing Outreach with WhatsApp and Gmail Integration

Seamlessly connect WhatsApp and Gmail with your CRM to supercharge your marketing outreach. Send mass messages efficiently and synchronize conversations directly into your CRM.

Send marketing messages in bulk on both WhatsApp and Gmai

Sync all your WhatsApp conversations directly into your CRM

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about WhatsApp and Gmail integration

What does the integration of WhatsApp numbers with Gmail offer?

The integration allows you to consolidate your Gmail emails and WhatsApp messages in one convenient location.

Can I send WhatsApp messages directly from my Gmail account?

Yes, you can send WhatsApp messages directly from your Gmail interface with our WhatsApp Chrome extension

Are there automated messaging options with this integration?

Absolutely! You can set up trigger-based automatic WhatsApp messages for various actions using our Native WhatsApp Zapier integration

Is contact synchronization from WhatsApp to Vtiger CRM automatic?

Absolutely! Your WhatsApp contacts will be automatically synchronized with your Vtiger workspace, ensuring your CRM is always up-to-date.

Can I manage both my emails and WhatsApp messages from a single inbox?

Yes, you can handle both email and WhatsApp messaging from one inbox, eliminating the need to switch between apps.

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