Explore the process of WhatsApp and Close integration.

1. 1. Open TimelinesAI Zapier integration and click Create Zap

TimelinesAI Zapier Integration allows to synchronize your WhatsApp communications with external systems (such as CLOSE CRM) and to automate messaging as a part of your business flows.

WhatsApp and Zapier integration set up

2. Add a Trigger

In summary, we’re retrieving WhatsApp messages from your TimelinesAI account and getting them ready to transform into new leads within Close CRM.

  • click the “Trigger” box
  • in a newly opened window type TimelinesAI > select TimelinesAI
  • select “New Received Message” as an event
  • click “Continue”

Close CRM trigger setting

3. Connect Timelines

New received messages in TimelinesAI

4. Add an action and connect Close CRM

In summary, we are transforming new WhatsApp messages from your TimelinesAI workspace into leads within the Close CRM platform

  • click the “Action” box in Zapier
  • in a newly opened window type Close > select Close
  • select “Create Lead” as an event
  • click “Continue”.
  • confirm the your Close CRM account on the next step

 Close CRM action settings

5. Set up an action

In summary: we are mapping WhatsApp message details from TimelinesAI to Lead details from Close. For

  • click the “Company name” field. Select the “Sender name” from the drop-down
  • click the “Description” field. Select “Message Text”
  • browse through other fields and match values per your needs
  • click “Continue” and “Publish”

Set up an action

6. Overview

Here is what our final Zap looks like. To re-cap: this zap will create a new lead at Close CRM when a new WhatsApp messages is received

WhatsApp and Close CRM settings

7. Results

Time to check the results.

Once executed all new messages received in WhatsApp will be added to Close CRM as new leads. Let’s open https://app.close.com/leads/ . Here we will see all the leads created out of WhatsApp messages.

On a lead details page, we will see the information we’ve mapped earlier: Contact Name, About ( will contain the WhatsApp message text), and phone number.

Note: Close CRM will also automatically create a Contact for each lead.

Automatic sync of WhatsApp contacts to Close CRM

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