Easily Manage Multiple WhatsApp Numbers with Salesflare CRM

Are you struggling to handle lots of WhatsApp numbers while using Salesflare CRM? We've made it super easy for you! Now, every chat you have on WhatsApp will automatically show up in Salesflare.

Automatically create Contact records in Salesflare when you get WhatsApp messages
Keep your Salesflare updated effortlessly with messages from WhatsApp
Make your lead communication smoother by keeping all your chats in one place - Salesflare
Send trigger-based automated WhatsApp messages

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TimelinesAI – Where WhatsApp meets CRM for unparalleled business success!

Transform the way you manage your WhatsApp interactions and seamlessly integrate WhatsApp with your CRM!


Make WhatsApp Easy
With TimelinesAI, handling multiple WhatsApp numbers is a breeze. We give you a shared inbox that keeps all your chats in one place.


Connect WhatsApp to Your CRM Easily
TimelinesAI connects WhatsApp to many CRM systems, so your customer info syncs automatically. No more typing it in yourself.


Get More Done
Our tools help your team work better together. You can collaborate, assign tasks, and focus on your most important leads, all in TimelinesAI.


Help Whenever You Need It
Our support team is here around the clock. Got a question or need a hand? Just send us a message. We're ready to assist you.

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Automatically Add Your New WhatsApp Chats to Salesflare

Now, you can effortlessly bring all your fresh WhatsApp chats into Salesflare CRM's 'Contacts' section.

Your new WhatsApp conversations appear instantly in Salesflare

No hassle setup – it’s as easy as a single click
Get real-time updates
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Set up Automated WhatsApp Messaging with Salesflare CRM

You can automate and personalize WhatsApp messages directly from your Salesflare CRM.

Set up special events in Salesflare to automatically send personalized WhatsApp messages

Automate repetitive messages and focus your team’s time on more significant tasks

Welcome your customers with ready-to-go greeting messages on WhatsApp
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Magane WhatsApp chats with Salesflare CRM

You can effortlessly manage your chats, respond, and stay engaged without ever leaving the Salesflare CRM platform.

Send WhatsApp messages directly using our WhatsApp Chrome extension
Preview your WhatsApp messages in Salesflare
No coding skills are required. Start in 2 minutes
bulk messages from salesflare

Streamline Your Customer Outreach with Mass WhatsApp Messaging

Reach all your customers at once on WhatsApp and maximize your customer engagement.

Simply upload your contact list using CSV/Excel files
Create personalized messages and schedule them to reach all your customers at the perfect time
Set up automated messages to engage with your customers without lifting a finger
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Antarmuka Kotak Masuk Bersama Whatsapp Multi Perangkat untuk Tim

Satu Kotak Masuk untuk Semua Nomor WhatsApp Anda

Tangani semua obrolan WhatsApp Anda dari berbagai nomor di satu tempat dengan kotak masuk yang didukung oleh tim kami.

Integrasi Mudah- Terhubung dengan mudah dengan satu klik

Add all your WhatsApp numbers quickly

Sederhanakan manajemen WhatsApp Anda dengan berbagai alat kolaborasi

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Learn more about WhatsApp to Salesflare CRM integration

How does the Salesflare Whatsapp integration work?

The integration connects your WhatsApp numbers with Salesflare CRM, allowing messages, contacts, and interactions to be automatically captured and organized within your CRM.

Can I initiate WhatsApp conversations from Salesflare CRM?

Absolutely! With this integration, you can easily initiate WhatsApp conversations directly from Salesflare CRM with our WhatsApp Chrome extension.

Bagaimana jika saya memiliki persyaratan integrasi khusus?

Kami memahami bahwa setiap bisnis itu unik. Jika Anda memiliki persyaratan integrasi yang spesifik, Anda dapat mengirimkannya kepada kami, dan kami akan bekerja sama dengan Anda untuk menemukan solusi terbaik untuk kebutuhan Anda.

Why should I consider integrating WhatsApp with Salesflare CRM?

Integrating WhatsApp with Salesflare CRM empowers you to centralize your customer interactions and allows you to:

  • Automatically sync WhatsApp contacts to Salesflare
  • Send Whatsapp messages and preview the chat history within Salesflare
  • Create automated trigger-based WhatsApp workflows

How much the Salesflare and WhatsApp integration costs?

The price starts at $25 per seat.

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