Share Whatsapp Business Inbox With Multiple Agents In Your Team

Shared inbox enables your team to manage your Whatsapp for Business with multiple numbers. Easily review how your team members communicate with your clients, share access to messages and files, and keep up with all business communication in your company. Try it for free now!

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TimelinesAI helps to bring back control over business communication that happens on Whatsapp

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TimelinesAI enabled us to connect several Whatsapp numbers and manage all incoming chats in one place. This paired with the collaboration features helped us to improve the efficiency of our support team. I recommend this app to anyone who wants to achieve better control over Whatsapp communication with their clients.

Andres Monteoliva

Co-Founder at Sono Fit - Remote Personal Coaching in Spain


We’re using TimelinesAI at Initech to control business messaging that managers handle on Whatsapp with our clients. Each manager has their own number, so it’s very convenient that Timelines allows to connect several accounts and streamline all chats in one place.

Ishay Tentser

Co-founder and CEO at Initech - Software Development Agency in Israel


TimelinesAI has helped us to manage multiple conversations better. Using Shared Inbox for Whatsapp improved our ability to follow-up with our clients, and led to better performance overall.

Adam Wham

Co-Founder at StackedHomes - Real Estate Specialists in Singapore

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Does your team speak with your clients through individual Whatsapp accounts?
We offer an easy way to stay on top of your team’s performance and recent updates in work with your clients.

What you get using TimelinesAI

Connect Whatsapp

Set your team ready for Multi Device Whatsapp collaboration in two minutes

Connecting a number to TimelinesAI is easy. You just need to scan the QR code with your WA application and you're ready to work. It works with regular and business numbers. No coding skills, developers, or business approval required.

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Get access to view chats with your clients

Get the shared Whatsapp inbox for your team. All the communication and attachments get organized per client or per project, accessible by any member of your organization.

Group chat

Supports Group Chats

TimelinesAI enables your team to reply to regular and group chats, share links to messages, exchange comments, and set follow up reminders.

Whatsapp Bulk reply feature

Send messages to segments of your customers in bulk on Whatsapp

TimelinesAI enables you to send bulk messages to contacts that have previously communicated with your business. It's like sending an email campaign, but on Whatsapp! Create custom lists to update specific segments of your customers on your new services without the limitations of Whatsapp Business.

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Whatsapp Use Cases for Business

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Add Whatsapp Automations easily with Zapier or Integromat

Add intuitive rules to automate your Whatsapp integration with TimelinesAI webhooks. Assign prospect owners, create deals and tags based on Whatsapp messaging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about using WhatsApp with multiple agents in your team

What is TimelinesAI? How it may be useful for my team?

TimelinesAI is a shared inbox for Whatsapp. It means that you can share your Whatsapp with multiple agents in your team. TimelinesAI can be opened on multiple devices simultaniously in your browser. This way your team can manage contacts from Whatsapp collectively, exchange comments, set reminders and send bulk replies.

Can I use my own number with your app? Does it work with Whatsapp business or personal numbers?

Yes, you can connect your own number. As a benefit, you also get to upload your Whatsapp chat history. This way, even if you decide to switch from using Whatsapp, the messaging with your clients will remain searchable and accessible to you and your team. TimelinesAI works with any type of Whatsapp numbers.

How long does it take to set up Whatsapp to share with my team on TimelinesAI?

It takes ~5 minutes to start working on Whatsapp with your team on TimelinesAI. The app uses the Whatsapp Web connection, so all you need to do is connect your number and invite your agents to collaborate. We also offer 10 days of free trial, no credit card required.

Does TimelinesAI support RTL and Hebrew?

Yes. TimelinesAI is developed by the Israeli company, so it has support for RTL.

Can I connect multiple Whatsapp numbers on TimelinesAI?

Yes. Multiple Whatsapp numbers are available under our SharedInbox+ and Business plans.

Can I integrate Whatsapp to CRM?

Yes. We support webhooks, so you can use tools like Zapier or Integromat to connect Whatsapp to your CRM. We are also working on the dedicated Whatsapp to PipeDrive integration.

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TimelinesAI helps to share Whatsapp with multiple agents in your team. Try it for free now!

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