Get team access to your Whatsapp account

TimelinesAI is a shared inbox for Whatsapp. Easily review how your team members communicate with your clients, share access to messages and files, and keep up with all business communication in your company.

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TimelinesAI helps to bring back control over business communication that happens on Whatsapp

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Does your team speak with your clients through individual Whatsapp accounts?
We offer an easy way to stay on top of your team’s performance and recent updates in work with your clients. 

What you get using TimelinesAI

Get access to view chats with your clients

Get the shared Whatsapp inbox for your team. All the communication and attachments get organized per client or per project, accessible by any member of your organization.

Review the most important messages and corresponding files in minutes

Stay on top of the latest updates. Save time on meetings - come prepared to discuss the next steps.

Act on the relevant information quickly and conveniently

Easily find the relevant messages and files, discuss them right in-app, or share links with the rest of your team.

Claim the ownership on the data that belongs to your company

The history of relations with your clients is a valuable resource that must not depend on the profiles of your employees. TimelinesAI enables you with a dedicated workspace to store and access the information across your entire team.

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Bulk import the business communication from employee’s Whatsapp accounts into your company’s property and keep it synced with a click of button.


Organize, search and view messages and files from Whatsapp and other channels in one place.


Shared Inbox for Whatsapp: make information accessible to the entire organization or specific team members.


Make your messages actionable: share access with links, set reminders and tasks for your team members, exchange comments, and export messages to PDF.


Document the most important messaging with teammates, clients, contractors, suppliers and projects. Easily issue them on demand.


Other integrations: automatic importing for email, G-mail addon.

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Use Cases:

  • For business owners: control the status of communication with your clients and get day-to-day updates about milestones, achievements and bottlenecks that need your attention.
  • For managers: save time on reporting the results and share the finest details from your Whatsapp chats in one click. Collaborate on your messaging easily.
  • For organizations: get the data from individual Whatsapp accounts saved on your company’s cloud. Make all messages and files searchable for the entire organization or specific team members.
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TimelinesAI helps teams to become more efficient and productive. Try it for free now!

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