Salesforce and WhatsApp Integration for multiple numbers

Your team is using multiple individual WhatsApp numbers with Salesforce? Get immediate control and 360° view of your business communication on WhatsApp. No WhatsApp Business API is required.

Automatically create Leads and Contacts in Salesforce from new WhatsApp chats
Sync WhatsApp Chats to Salesforce Effortlessly
Use existing WhatsApp numbers (private or business)
Start chats and continue WhatsApp conversations from Salesforce
Automate your sending with personalized WhatsApp messages

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TimelinesAI – multi-number WhatsApp management solution

We offer a wide range of tools to help businesses that use many individual WhatsApp numbers. Our products DO NOT require WhatsApp Business API and come with 100% functional free trial.


Around the clock live chat support
We are always available to help you with onboarding via live chat and demo sessions. We speak English, Spanish, Russian, and 80+ languages in our support chat.


Access to our integration partners network
We will connect you with our highly experienced integration partners to save you time.


Personalized trial and onboarding
We would gladly customize your trial experience. Want to connect 100+ numbers or need more time to set things up - we got you covered!


Pre-trial consultation
We value your time. Send us your integration requirements and we will find the best solution for you!

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whatsapp salesforce integration

Automatically Sync new WhatsApp Leads & Contacts to Salesforce

With our Outbound Webhooks you can sync new incoming leads and conversation to Salesforce in real-time

Sync up to 10 000 contacts monthly (request a custom quote if you need more)
Add unlimited number of existing WhatsApp accounts
No WhatsApp Business API is required
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WhatsApp chats sync is Salesforce

Sync WhatsApp Chats to Salesforce Effortlessly

Preview conversations within the Leads Activity section, automate chat synchronization, and manage all your WhatsApp communications directly from Salesforce.

Automatically sync WhatsApp chats to Salesforce

Preview WhatsApp chats effortlessly within the Leads Activity section in Salesforce

Streamline communication management handling all WhatsApp communications directly within the Salesforce

send whatsapp messages from salesforce

Start and continue WhatsApp conversations right from the Salesforce CRM

With TimelinesAI Chrome extension you can send WhatsApp Messages from any Salesforce page

Send and receive unlimited number of messages
Start and continue conversations in a convenient chat view
For a limited time our chrome extension is available on all plans
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send automated whatsapp messages from salesforce

Send automated personalized WhatsApp messages to your customers and leads from Salesforce

Our native WhatsApp and Zapier integration allows you to use any field from Salesforce to build personalized messages

Send messages based on any trigger in Salesforce
Use pre-made templates or request a new one for free
Don’t like Zapier? Use our Inbound Webhooks to send via any 3rd party connector

Multi-Number Shared Inbox for WhatsApp

Bring visibility & control of your WhatsApp Business communication to a new level!

All chats from multiple (unlimited) WhatsApp numbers in one place updated in real-time
Flexible permission settings to organize you Shared Inbox the way you need
Collaboration tools, Analytics, Bulk reply, ChatGPT autoresponder and many other WhatsApp management tools to boost your performance.
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statistica dashboard

Get WhatsApp business reporting

TimelinesAI provides businesses with key metrics to help evaluate the effectiveness of WhatsApp business communications.

Make data-driven decisions and optimize your customer communication strategy

Get an insight into how active your account is in the specific time period

Understand how your team and agents are performing

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Whatsapp to Salesforce integration

Does it work with regular WhatsApp numbers? WhatsApp business numbers?

TimelinesAI – Salesforce and WhatsApp integration works with any type of WhatsApp accounts.

What is TimelinesAI's solution for Salesforce and WhatsApp integration?

TimelinesAI offers a comprehensive solution allowing businesses to integrate multiple individual WhatsApp numbers with Salesforce, providing immediate control and a 360° view of business communication on WhatsApp.

Do I need the WhatsApp Business API for this integration?

No, TimelinesAI’s solution does not require the WhatsApp Business API. You can seamlessly integrate multiple WhatsApp numbers with Salesforce without the need for additional APIs.

Can I automatically create Leads and Contacts in Salesforce from new WhatsApp chats?

Yes, once establish the integration between WhatsApp and Salesforce, you can automatically create Leads, Contacts and Delas in Salesforce from new WhatsApp chats using. This ensures real-time synchronization.

How does the integration help with syncing WhatsApp Chats to Salesforce?

TimelinesAI allows effortless syncing of WhatsApp chats to Salesforce. You can preview conversations within the Leads Activity section, automate chat synchronization, and manage all WhatsApp communications directly from Salesforce.

Can I connect multiple WhatsApp numbers to synchronize WhatsApp communication of my agents into Salesforce?

Yes. If you connect multiple WhatsApp accounts to TimelinesAI app.

To connect multiple WhatsApp accounts to TimelinesAI, invite your team members into the TimelinesAI app, and ask them to connect their WhatsApp numbers by scanning the system-generated QR code on the WhatsApp tab.

How much does Salesforce and WhatsApp integration cost?

The pricing starts at $40/mo per WhatsApp number connected. Annual discounts apply.

Does your integration support attachments?

Yes, TimelinesAI supports any kind of attachment from WhatsApp.

Is it possible to send mass messaging campaigns on WhatsApp through your app?

Yes, you can upload the custom CSV list to send the Mass messaging campaign on Whatsapp to your contacts.

How can I send automated personalized WhatsApp messages from Salesforce?

TimelinesAI’s native WhatsApp and Zapier integration allow you to send automated personalized messages from Salesforce. You can use pre-made templates or request custom ones, and the Inbound Webhooks option provides flexibility.

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