Connect multiple WhatsApp numbers on Shared Inbox, and integrate WhatsApp into Pipedrive, HubSpot, Zoho, Salesforce, or other CRM

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SetupCRM integration PlanShared Inbox PlanMass Messaging
Supports both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business mobile apps
Instant Whatsapp number connection via QR code (no approval required)
Connect and share multiple WhatsApp numbers


Including embedded Message sending


Including advanced Custom Actions

Including advance automation templates message syncing coming soon!

Chrome Extension

Chrome extension can recognize phone numbers and show overlay with chat history on any CRM web application
Advanced Automation

Zapier native integration

Send and receive messages via Zapier, get notified on new messages and chats, manage chats

Public API

Rich Public API to send and receive messages, manage chats, retrieve data on chats and messages.


Notify 3rd party plantforms on new messages (media attachments and aggregation supported)

Files uploading

Upload files to be used as media attachments when sending messages with Zapier and Public API
Chats Management and Collaboration

Shared Inbox interface

See chats from all connected WhatsApp accounts in one place, with real-time updates and fully-featured chat view.
Workspace owner only

Active chats per seat limit

Active chat is any chat with non-empty history. For workspaces with multiple seats, chat limit is shared among all connected WhatsApp accounts!

Label chats

Set labels to chats for filtering and use with automations

Filter views

Dynamically filter chats based on labels, WhatsApp account, responsible and other properties. Create and share multiple filters to organize your organization's communication efficiently.
Workspace owner only

Assign responsible

Assign a team member as chat responsible to recieve notification + filter chats by responsbile

Internal comments and notes

Create notes, exchange comments and mentions inside chats, visible only to the workspace members

Chat history sharing

Create / revoke dynamic sharing link for selected messages from chat history to be shared inside or outside of your organization

Message reminders

Set yourself a reminder to respond to a message
Mass Messaging

Mass Messaging campaign

1. Import CSV/ Excel contacts list with custom properties to be used as template variables.
2. Schedule sending in future.
3. Get detailed report with open / read statuses.

Bulk Reply campagins

Send Mass Messaging campaigns by selecting multiple chats directly from Shared Inbox interface.

Quick reply templates

Create and share quick reply templates and templates for Mass Messaging campaigns
Messaging quota for non-automated messagingUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Recurring messaging quota for automated messaging

Your workspace is awarded a monthly recurring quota of message automation credits, that is used with Mass Messaging and automations (messages sending via Shared Inbox is free). The utilization resets at the end of billing cycle, unused quota IS NOT accrued.

Extra recurring messaging quota

Possibility to subscribe for an extra monthly recurring quota for a separate fee.

Non-recurring messaging quota

Possibility to make a one-off purchase of a non-recurring messaging quota that doesn't expire (subject to a minimum quantitiy of 5000 messages)

Media attachment size (MB) limit

Everywhere in TimelinesAI UI and in automations
Start new WhatsApp chats without saving into contact bookin Pipedrive / Chrome Extension only
Control, Access & Privacy


Access mutliple workspaces with separate settings from the same TimelinesAI user

Permissions and Roles

Partition your workspace members into teams for fine-grained chats access control

Analtytics Reports

Set desirable permission and access level for each workspace member

Phone number hiding

Statistics and analytics of WhatsApp communication in your workspace

Unsync individual chats

Phone numbers are hidden everywhere in TimelinesUI for non-admin roles
Data access
Chat history access30 daysUnlimitedUnlimited
Contacts export
(coming soon) Chats history export
(coming soon) Chat history sync from WhatsApp mobile app
Auto-response and AI
(coming soon) Auto-responder

ChatGPT-based chat summary

Present clients with selection menu and auto-respond / assign agents based on selection

ChatGPT-based auto-response

Summarize chat history with ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo