GDPR & Security Standards

Protecting customer data is a top priority at TimelinesAI. Here's what we do to keep your data secure and meet your compliance requirements.

Ways of Protection


GDPR & privacy compliance is critical for businesses to be able to function today. TimelinesAI is GDPR, UK GDPR, and CCPA compliant.

TimelinesAI’s servers are located within our own virtual private cloud (VPC) in Frankfurt, Germany. This way data never leaves EU. Servers are protected by restricted security groups. We ensure that only the minimal required communication occurs between servers.

Data Protection Policy

All connections to TimelinesAI are encrypted using SSL. Attempts to connect over HTTP is redirected to HTTPS. We maintain A+ grade for Qualys/SSL Labs.

TimelinesAI conducts mandatory code reviews for code changes and periodic and in-depth security reviews. TimelinesAI testing and development environments are separated from its production environment. 

Application Security

TimelinesAI supports SSO using G-Suite and Slack. Access to TimelinesAI applications are logged and audited.

User passwords are salted, irreversibly hashed, and stored in our database.

The web application architecture and implementation follow OWASP guidelines. They are built in Python using the Django framework.

Secure. Reliable. Transparent

Trust is not gained, it’s earned. We put our best effort to protect your data and comply with all regulations. You can find more details about our commitment on TimelinesAI’s Privacy Policy page, or download TimelinesAI Data Processor Agreement.

Your customer data is safe with us

We take security seriously.

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