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Automate workflow on Pipedrive

Gain further insights on the Pipedrive and WhatsApp integration.

Set up automation that will work in the background. It will save you time to actually focus on what matters the most.

№1 Open a “lost” deal whenever you receive a WhatsApp messages

If a “lost” deal receives a message in WhatsApp, change the status of the deal to open automatically in Pipedrive.

In order to set up such automation:

1. Go to your Pipedrive account and choose the Workflow automation tab;

Automate workflow on Pipedrive 12. Set up automation that open lost deals automatically once you receive a WhatsApp message from them.

Choose the trigger: Activity updated;
Condition: Activity subject contains WhatsApp chat;
Condition: Activity deal status is lost
Action: Update deal feed: Deal- activity deal, Status- Open.

Automate workflow on Pipedrive 2

3. Turn on the automation. That’s it!

№2 Disable visibility of new deals for team members

Contacts from WhatsApp are matched automatically with Persons and Deals on Pipedrive based on their Whatsapp number. If there is no Person with such a number yet, it will be created automatically.

By default, auto-created Persons and Deals are visible to all team members. You can isolate new deals from other team members via Workflow Automation so that new Persons and Deals will be visible only to the owner:

1. Go to your Pipedrive account and choose the Workflow automation tab;
2. Set up automation that disable visibility of new deals for team members.

Choose trigger: Deal created;

Action: Update deal field; Visible to: item owner.

Automate workflow on Pipedrive 3

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