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Export WhatsApp Contacts Easily With TimelinesAI!

WhatsApp is the number one instant messaging app in 63 countries around the world. According to the data from SimilarWeb, WhatsApp had 25.65 million users per month in 2022 in the US alone.

Because of this, organizing the business contacts in your WhatsApp group is one of the best ways to increase sales. However, we know it’s not easy to manage your contact list with third-party tools. That is – unless you have TimelinesAI to export WhatsApp contacts!

In this article, we discuss the perks of managing your contacts in bulk with TimelinesAI. Read on to see our step-by-step guide to export contacts from WhatsApp!

TimelinesAI for Exporting WhatsApp Contacts

TimelinesAI is the perfect tool for managing multiple numbers in WhatsApp. It provides users with a fast and secure method of extraction.

As a non-API software, you don’t need to give full access to your accounts. Simply put, it’s a direct method to upgrade your privacy practices.

With TimelinesAI, you can manage contact details and organize your contact book. You may even start chats without a conversation history.

What’s more, exporting WhatsApp contacts from your iPhone and Android is doable!

How to Export WhatsApp Contacts in 4 Simple Steps

Learning how to export WhatsApp contacts to a CSV file is easy! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to export WhatsApp contacts using TimelinesAI.

  1. Open TimelinesAI in your Chrome browser.
  2. Look for the export contacts file tab under the subscriptions tab.
  3. Click on the export contacts button. This will turn your contacts into CSV format.
  4. Once you have the contacts in the CSV file, you can begin the download. It’s that simple!

What Can You Do With the CSV File?

After you export contacts from your WhatsApp group, there are many ways to use the data. Here’s the list of options to take after the WhatsApp transfer.

  • Map columns in the file
  • Set filters and compare data according to specific criteria
  • Create new chats without adding contacts
  • Store it in your Google Drive as a backup
  • Track chat statuses

Why You Should Use TimelinesAI for Exporting Contacts

With TimelinesAI, you can export WhatsApp contacts including phone numbers, but that’s not all. Here are some of the processes you can do with the help of this tool.

1. Manage Contacts Without WhatsApp APIs

API solutions can improve your efficiency. Yet, there are a few crucial disadvantages to using APIs as well!

First, there are serious security concerns when using these third-party developer tools. API infrastructures are vulnerable to SQL injection attacks. They’re complicated to use, and managing them is difficult.

Luckily, there’s no need to worry about complex processes. It’s easy to simplify your contacts folder management with Google Sheets and our Chrome extension.

With TimelinesAI, you get better performance without interruption. Plus, you can store your contacts without fear of attacks!

2. Organize Your Contacts

Good contact management is essential for all businesses today. With the rise of the digital world, one bad review online can affect your sales!

Because of this, companies are investing in programs for managing contacts to help them provide better service.

Fortunately, when you export your WhatsApp contacts, you can use Google Sheets to organize your contacts in bulk.

After the transfer process, you may compile your customer’s information into one file. Arrange the data according to the following:

  • Customer name, contact number, and contact description
  • Timeline URL, labels, and emails
  • Chat creation, status, and sync date

3. Transfer Contacts With Ease

Exporting your WhatsApp contacts is necessary whenever you upgrade your phone. You also need it when you integrate with a CRM.

TimelinesAI will help you during the data transfer process to several CRM tools. It’s compatible with Pipedrive, Zapier, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more!

What’s great about our program is you improve your performance without interruption.

You get to connect many WhatsApp accounts within a minute by using QR codes. As a result, you can enhance communication within your team.

The whole WhatsApp group will get automatic updates about important discussions and events!

4. Backup Unsaved Contacts

Another advantage of exporting WhatsApp information is it backs up your databases of contacts.

Respecting your customer data privacy is a must in business ethics. The good news is you can improve your privacy policy and apply the best practices using TimelinesAI!

When you export data, you create a file that lets you read conversations from secure devices. You may even choose the information you need, download contacts, and print the file.

Moreover, you get to pick who to grant access to this information.

Through exporting contacts, you feel at ease whenever a client’s details get lost. TimelinesAI will keep your contacts safe, and you can restore unsaved contacts from the cloud!

5. Connect With Your Customers

If you export your WhatsApp contacts, you improve connections with your customers. This is because you organize their emails and start campaigns easily through mass messaging!

With mass messaging, you boost the reading of newsletters and increase brand awareness.

TimelinesAI helps you review the team’s communication with clients. It’s also possible to message several numbers using one shared inbox.

6. Streamline Processes

Exporting WhatsApp contacts lets you streamline online conversations. You can do this by automating ChatGPT prompts that improve your client’s experience.

What’s more, you may upload a CSV file of your phone book. If you don’t have a chat history with someone, TimelinesAI will create the message automatically. There’s no need to learn complicated codes!

Finally, you get updates on whether someone has read your message and track WhatsApp group chats or single conversations.

Appointment scheduling is no issue, which makes TimelinesAI a great tool for your WhatsApp business!


TimelinesAI is a versatile tool to use for exporting WhatsApp contacts. It lets you organize sizable information, back up unsaved contacts, and simplify your WhatsApp transfer.

You can engage with your customers and streamline the company’s processes with this management solution.

The best part is it’s affordable and easy to set up. With a few simple steps, you get to start improving your business!

If you want to try TimelinesAI, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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