How To Create a HubSpot In-App Notification When a WhatsApp Message is Received

It is crucial for businesses to stay on top of their customer communication. By integrating HubSpot workflows with WhatsApp, you can create in-app notifications to alert you whenever a new WhatsApp message is received. This article will guide you through the steps to set up this automation. Learn more about Hubspot and WhatsApp integration via TimelinesAI

  1. Go to the Workflow section in your HubSpot account and create a new workflow from scratch. 
  2. Select “Contact-Based” and then choose “Start from Scratch.”
  3. Click on the “Set up trigger” button. A trigger is an event that initiates the workflow. In this case, we want the workflow to be triggered when a new WhatsApp message is received.

Set up trigger 1

4. As WhatsApp messages are inserted as custom Activity items on the Activity feed of a Contact, choose the “Last messages activity” as the trigger criteria, and set the value to “Is Known,” as we want to trigger the workflow whenever a message activity is present. 

last activity date trigger

5. Click the “Apply Filter” button to apply the trigger criteria you selected. This step ensures that the workflow is triggered when the specified conditions are met.

6. Once you have completed setting up the trigger, it is time to define the actions that will be performed when the trigger event occurs. In this case, we want to create an in-app notification to alert the user about the new WhatsApp message.

Click the “+” sign to add an action to the workflow. From the list of available actions, select the “Send in-app notification” action.

send in app notification action

7) Now, you need to define who will receive the notification. Under the “Send to the user” section, select the appropriate user who should receive the in-app notification.

Under the “Notification type” section, choose Desktop or Mobile app.

choose recipients for notification

 8) Fill in the alert body text box. Then give your workflow a name that reflects its purpose. This will make it easier for you to identify and manage it later on.

Fill in message body

Finally, turn on the workflow to enable it. With this, you have successfully set up an in-app notification for new WhatsApp messages using HubSpot workflows.

By implementing this automation, you can stay informed about new WhatsApp messages and respond to them promptly. 

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