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Are you ready to turn your network into revenue? Join our referral program at TimelinesAI and start earning commissions for every successful lead you bring in.

How to Become a Referrer:

1. Sign up for the TimelinesAI Partners Portal

2. Get a unique referral link from the portal for easy tracking

3. Direct leads to TimelinesAI using your unique referral link

4. Receive a commission for every referred lead upon their payment to TimelinesAI

TimelinesAI main functions:

1. Automatic WhatsApp and CRM Integration

Integrate WhatsApp with popular CRMs such as:

2. Manage multiple WhatsApp numbers efficiently with collaboration tools in a shared inbox.

You can connect multiple WhatsApp numbers and get one inbox where you can assign and label chats, apply filters, send bulk replies, review Statistics and set up ChatGPT autoresponder. Learn more at this page – Shared Inbox for multiple WhatsApp numbers.

3. Leverage webhooks and API for smooth integration with other tools.

The Public API enables you to automate message sending on TimelinesAI triggered by actions in your current systems, such as CRMs. Webhooks notify external systems when a new message is received or sent to any connected WhatsApp account in a workspace.

4. Streamline communication with automated workflows for increased efficiency.

Connect WhatsApp to 1000+ apps with TimelinesAI WhatsApp & Zapier, enabling personalized messages and workflow automation


Our commission structure begins at 10%, scaling up to 20% based on the revenue generated by your referrals.

To use TimelinesAI, each user requires a seat, and pricing is determined by the number of users and the chosen plan. For instance, if a user needs 10 seats for the Shared Inbox plan ($40/seat), the monthly cost is $400.

Imagine referring 20 clients, you could earn up to $2000 per month in commissions.

Start Referring, Start Earning. Join TimelinesAI Today!

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Omnichannel Automation Platform

TimelinesAI helps businesses with multiple individual numbers gain 360° visibility & boost performance on WhatsApp.


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