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WhatsApp and Monday integration

Send automated messages on WhatsApp when you update the status of the contacts on

With the WhatsApp Zapier integration, you can effortlessly create automated workflows on WhatsApp. This allows you to send messages when specific events occur in your Monday CRM. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of sending automated messages on WhatsApp when the item status is changed in Monday CRM.

Learn more about Monday WhatsApp integration.

1. Create a Zap

Begin by creating a Zap in Zapier. Select Monday and WhatsApp as your trigger and action apps. Choose the trigger event as “Specific column value changed in the board” and add the action “Send Message to new chat”. Once you’ve done this, click “Try it” to move on to the next step.

Create a Zap

2. Choose Your Monday Account

In this step, you’ll need to specify your Monday CRM account.

Choose Your Monday Account

Head over to your Monday CRM, click on your account photo, and select the “Developers” section. Here, you’ll find your API key, which you can copy. Use this key to connect your Monday CRM to Zapier as shown in the screenshot.

Click on password field

3. Set Up the Trigger

Now, you can configure the trigger settings. Choose the specific board and column you want to monitor for changes. Select the “WhatsApp contacts” board from your Monday CRM and the “Status” column.

Set Up the Trigger

With the trigger now set up, you can proceed to test it.

Click on the Test trigger button

4. Set Up the Action

In this step, you’ll need to specify your TimelinesAI account. Head to your TimelinesAI workspace on Zapier and copy your token. Paste this token to connect your TimelinesAI account with Zapier.

Set up the action

5. Customize the Messages

After connecting your TimelinesAI account, you can customize the message to be sent. Fill in the required fields as follows:

  • WhatsApp Account: Enter the WhatsApp number from which you wish to send the messages.
  • Phone Number: Provide the recipient’s phone number.
  • Message Text: Create a personalized message that will be sent to your customers on WhatsApp when the trigger event is activated.

Customize the Messages

6. Test and publish Zap

Once you’ve completed these steps, your Zap is ready to go! You can test it thoroughly before publishing.

Test and Publish your Zap

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