Send automated WhatsApp messages when New Deal is created in Zoho CRM

Enhance Zoho CRM with WhatsApp Integration and supercharge your deal management. Imagine sending automated WhatsApp messages as soon as a new deal is created in Zoho CRM, making communication with your leads and clients more efficient than ever. Seamlessly bridge the gap between your CRM and messaging with this powerful integration, ensuring timely updates and instant engagement.

1. Under “Choose a Trigger” click on the “When this happens…” dropdown button

WhatsApp Zoho integration

2. Type “New module entry”

Zoho and WhatsApp integration

3. Click on New Module Entry

WhatsApp and Zoho integration

4. Type “Send message to new chat”

Synchronizing Zoho with WhatsApp

5. Click on Send Message to New Chat

WhatsApp and Zoho integration

6. Click on Connect My Apps

Connecting Zoho with WhatsApp

7. Click on “New Module Entry in Zoho CRM”

Zoho WhatsApp integration

8. Click on Sign in

WhatsApp Zoho integration

9. A new window will open, allowing you to select/enter your Zoho Domain

Zoho and WhatsApp integration

10. Click on “Send Message to New Chat in TimelinesAI”

WhatsApp and Zoho integration

11. Click on Sign in

Synchronizing Zoho with WhatsApp

12. A new window will open, allowing you to enter your Token

How to integrate Zoho and WhatsApp

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