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Whatsapp ClickUp Integration

Send automated WhatsApp messages when task changes in ClickUp CRM

Stay on top of your tasks and projects with ClickUp and WhatsApp, a dynamic combination that ensures you’re always in control of your workflow. Introducing the ClickUp WhatsApp Integration – the perfect solution for those who demand real-time updates. With this integration, you’ll receive instant WhatsApp notifications whenever a task changes in ClickUp CRM. Bid farewell to project hiccups and hello to enhanced task management, making your team’s productivity soar

1. Under “Choose A Trigger”, Click On The “When This Happens…” Dropdown Button

Connecting ClickUp with WhatsApp

2. Type “Task Changes”

Type "Task Changes"

3. Click on Task Changes

WhatsApp ClickUp integration

4. Under “Choose an Action”, click on the “automatically do this” dropdown button

ClickUp and WhatsApp integration

5. Type “Send message to new chat”

Type "Send message to new chat"

6. Click on Send Message to New Chat

Synchronizing ClickUp with WhatsApp

7. Click on Connect My Apps

How to integrate ClickUp and WhatsApp

8. Click on Task Changes in ClickUp

Click on Task Changes in ClickUp

9. Click on Sign in

WhatsApp and ClickUp integration

10. A new window will open allowing you to connect ClickUp with Zapier

ClickUp and WhatsApp integration

11. Click on Send Message to New Chat in TimelinesAI

Click on Send Message to New Chat in TimelinesAI

12. Click on Sign in

ClickUp WhatsApp integration

13. A new window will open allowing you to enter your Token

Connecting ClickUp with WhatsApp

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