Using virtual phone numbers for WhatsApp is an alternative that you may have, to create WhatsApp accounts that will be used for your business. TimelinesAI allows you to use WhatsApp accounts with virtual numbers, which may be more convenient than the usual accounts, depending on your teams’ distribution.

In this article, we’ll review the benefits of using WhatsApp virtual numbers and what’s in it for your Sales, Account Management, or Customer Success Teams.


Personal numbers vs. Work dedicated numbers pros and cons

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Why Get Virtual Numbers for WhatsApp?

This option is suitable for businesses with several team members, which may also be located in different countries worldwide. With WhatsApp accounts with virtual numbers, you’ll be able to have control over the WhatsApp accounts, which you can distribute to your team, without physical limitations.


  • Create WhatsApp accounts on your end for all your team members;
  • Bound by no borders: You may share these WhatsApp accounts with team members, no matter where they’re located;
  • No need for SIM cards;
  • You’ll have complete ownership/control of these accounts;
  • Easy to transfer from one user to another;
  • You may pick the numbers’ area code that best suits you.

How to set up a WhatsApp account using a virtual number?

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You’ll need to generate virtual mobile numbers for WhatsApp accounts. We recommend referring to these services, which provide you with virtual numbers for WhatsApp:

Now that you have virtual numbers ready, you may then proceed and install an app, that will allow you to create and switch WhatsApp accounts within your own mobile device. Here are some apps you may consider installing:

For this article, we’ll provide steps using the Dual Space app – but feel free to refer to the knowledgebase center of the app you pick to learn more about how to install and use it.

  1. Download and install the “Dual Space” app on your Android device from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the Dual Space app and add “WhatsApp” by clicking the “+” icon.
  3. Open the WhatsApp app within Dual Space and register for a new account using a virtual mobile number.
  4. Verify the account by entering the verification code sent to the virtual mobile number.
  5. Once the account is verified, you can use WhatsApp with a virtual number in Dual Space while maintaining your primary WhatsApp account on the original app.

You can now use the two WhatsApp accounts in parallel and switch between them easily within Dual Space or any app you choose. Once done, your accounts are good to go! 

You should be able to share these with your team.

TimelinesAI allows you to connect these WhatsApp accounts in one single place, so you and your team can collaborate via our Shared Inbox. TimelinesAI takes your teams to the next level with features such as Mass Messaging Campaigns, Integration and Automation, and more!

Feel free to contact us via our Chat Support or send us an email at and we’ll provide you with more valuable information that will help your teams, and your business, reach new heights!

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