WATI alternatives: TimelinesAI multi-number WhatsApp management solution

In recent years, WhatsApp has emerged as a powerful tool for business communication, transforming the way companies engage with their customers and partners. 

WhatsApp boasts over 2.7 billion active users worldwide, making it one of the most widely used messaging platforms. Its extensive global reach provides businesses with a unique opportunity to connect with a diverse audience.

As businesses expand, the volume of incoming and outgoing messages on WhatsApp escalates. Efficient management solutions become indispensable to handle this increased scale seamlessly. In response to the diverse needs of businesses, solutions like TimelinesAI have emerged, offering multi-number management for WhatsApp. These tools provide advanced features, integration options, and shared inboxes to enhance communication strategies.

TimelinesAI vs. Wati: A Comprehensive Feature Comparison for WhatsApp Management Solutions

Shared inbox features

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Unlimited contact synchronization

Seamless WhatsApp Numbers Connection

Assigning Chats

Labeling Chats 

Segmenting & Filtering chats 

Bulk messages

Scheduling WhatsApp Mass Messaging Campaigns

Statistics Dashboard

Set Up Reminders for Messages

Different Roles for Managing Shared Inbox

Leaving Internal comments 

WhatsApp groups support 

Attachments support

Quick reply templates

CRM Integration Features 

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One-click Pipedrive integration

One-click Hubspot integration

One-click Zoho integration

One- click Monday.com integration

One-click Salesforce integration

ChatGPT autoresponder

Automatic chat summaries

Webhooks and API

WhatsApp Chrome extension

Automation & Technical Support

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Native Zapier integration

Integrating with Make aka Integromat

n8n.io – a powerful workflow automation

Multilingual Support 24/7 support

Assistance in Setting Up Integrations & Automation

Pricing Starting at $25Starting at $49


The main TimelinesAI features:

  1. Shared inbox for multiple Whatsapp numbers.  Connect unlimited WhatsApp numbers, invite your team, and effortlessly manage all your chats from a unified Inbox. Explore advanced collaboration tools, including assigning, labeling, filtering chats, analytics review, ChatGPT autoresponder, chat summaries, internal comments, and more. Try for free on the TimelinesAI App!
  2. Effortlessly integrate WhatsApp with Pipedrive in just one click.

Automatically capture and store all your WhatsApp Business communications directly in Pipedrive. Sync WhatsApp messages seamlessly into Pipedrive, automatically generating Persons, Leads, and Deals for new contacts from WhatsApp. Initiate new WhatsApp chats directly from the Pipedrive interface and efficiently synchronize WhatsApp contacts with your preferred pipeline. 

  1. Seamlessly integrate WhatsApp with HubSpot in just one click.

Automatically synchronize WhatsApp messages into HubSpot, creating Contacts and Deals for new contacts from WhatsApp. Send automated messages on WhatsApp directly from the HubSpot workflow interface.

  1. Effortlessly integrate WhatsApp with Zoho in a single click, streamlining your communication processes. 

Automatically create new Contacts and Deals for incoming WhatsApp chats on Zoho. Choose a module to sync contacts from WhatsApp, sync WhatsApp messages to Zoho CRM, and customize workflows for automated actions. 

    5. Connect Salesforce with WhatsApp in a few clicks. Unlock automation capabilities to effortlessly create Leads and Contacts in Salesforce from new WhatsApp chats. Sync WhatsApp Chats to Salesforce seamlessly and make the most of your existing WhatsApp numbers, whether they’re private or business.

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Omnichannel Automation Platform

TimelinesAI helps businesses with multiple individual numbers gain 360° visibility & boost performance on WhatsApp.


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