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Connect and synchronize 100+ Linkedin accounts

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Automatically track and preserve Linkedin communication

Connect and forget - all updates will be synced real-time

Automatic creation of Persons and Deals for new incoming chats
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Send Linkedin messages and continue conversations directly from your CRM / ATS with TimelinesAI Linkedin chrome extension

Our direct message chrome extension will automatically detect phone numbers from your CRM or any other webpage and provides you easy access to Linkedin conversations.

Send messages instantly from CRM/ATS

Add attachments

Preview the message history

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Get Linkedin messages reporting

TimelinesAI provides businesses with key metrics to help evaluate the effectiveness of business communications in Linkedin

Make data-driven decisions and optimize your customer communication strategy

Get an insight into how active your account is in the specific time period

Understand how your team and agents are performing

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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about automatic Pipedrive Linkedin integration

How to integrate Linkedin with Pipedrive?

TimelinesAI enables you to integrate Linkedin profile with Pipedrive directly, in one click:

  1. Install TimelinesAI – Linkedin Pipedrive integration on the Pipedrive marketplace.
  2. Connect your Linkedin account to TimelinesAI by scanning the system-generated QR code with your Linkedin application.
  3. Press “Connect” on the Integrations>Pipedrive page.

That’s it! From this moment, the Linkedin messaging from the connected Linkedin account will be automatically synchronized into corresponding Pipedrive’s Persons and Deals. Matching happens automatically based on the WA number of your contacts. For new contacts that aren’t yet created in your CRM, Persons and Deals will be created automatically.

Can I connect multiple Linkedin accounts to synchronize Linkedin communication of my sales or support agents into Pipedrive?

Yes. If you connect multiple Linkedin accounts to TimelinesAI app, all Linkedin messaging will be seamlessly synchronized into Pipedrive.

To connect multiple Linkedin accounts to TimelinesAI, invite your team members into the TimelinesAI app, and ask them to connect their Linkedin by scanning the system-generated QR code. If your TimelinesAI workspace is already connected to Pipedrive, new messages from the connected Linkedin account will be synchronized into Pipedrive.

Does this Linkedin Pipedrive integration support attachment files (documents, voice messages, etc.)?

Yes. Attachments from your Linkedin will be synchronized into Pipedrive and displayed in the corresponding Persons and Deals.

How does TimelinesAI match contacts from Linkedin in Pipedrive? Will there be a problem with how we are used to format contact numbers? (e.g. including +, country code, etc.)

TimelinesAI matches contact numbers in several steps. First, we try the exact match in a full international format with leading “+”. If there is no match, we start truncating characters from the left side of the number (as a character string) and fuzzy matching against the number saved in Pipedrive. We stop, when there are 7 characters left (too few for an accurate match) and consider this as no-match. In this case, a new contact (Person) will be created automatically.

In other words, there will generally be no problem with whatever way you’re using to save your contact numbers.

Can I reply to Linkedin from Pipedrive with your integration?

Yes. TimelinesAI adds a “Send Linkedin message” button to the Contacts and Deals section on Pipedrive. It enables you and your agents to send Linkedin text messages and attachments right from the Pipedrive interface.

Can I use Zapier to introduce additional Pipedrive Linkedin automation?

Yes. TimelinesAI has a Native Zapier integration that is available on our Mass Messaging & Automation plan along with Webhooks and Mass Sending.

What else I can do with TimelinesAI?

TimelineAI offers you a range of tool to help your business win and scale.

Along with Pipedrive integration that is available on any plan we offer:

Shared Inbox – add multiple Linkedin accounts to appear in one timeline for collaboration and visibility.

Mass Messaging & Automation – Native Zapier Integration, Inbound & Outbound Webhooks and Mass Sending to boost your Sales & Marketing campaigns.

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