ProofHub vs Timelines: Choosing the Right Tool for Your Business in 2024

In today’s digital landscape, WhatsApp reigns supreme as a communication powerhouse. With over 2 billion users, it’s the perfect platform to connect with customers, partners, and your team – instantly and personally. But managing multiple WhatsApp accounts for your business can quickly become a tangled mess. Enter the world of WhatsApp management solutions like ProofHub and, promising to untangle the chaos and elevate your communication game.

Decoding the Capabilities: ProofHub vs

Both platforms offer a variety of features, but understanding their strengths is key to picking the perfect fit. Let’s dive deeper into their capabilities:

ProofHub: Think of it as your WhatsApp companion, streamlining communication for small teams. You can manage a single account, send/receive messages, assign tasks, and track progress – all from one unified platform. It’s a handy tool for basic team collaboration and keeping everyone on the same page about ongoing WhatsApp conversations.

Proofhub dashboard Imagine having a dedicated WhatsApp army at your disposal. lets you manage multiple individual accounts, ideal for larger teams or businesses juggling different departments, customer support lines, or even regional outreach. Each number gets its own inbox, custom labels, and powerful automation features. Think canned responses, chatbots, and automated workflows – all designed to take your WhatsApp game to the next level.



ProofHub keeps team interaction organized with task management, file sharing, and discussions. You can track message delivery, assign tasks related to WhatsApp chats, and view chat history, ensuring everyone’s in the loop.

proofhub takes collaboration to a whole new dimension. Imagine shared labels, internal notes within chats, and even automated escalation for complex issues. You can build custom chatbots, create workflows for handling common inquiries, and ensure consistent, efficient responses across your team, even with multiple agents juggling different accounts.

Timelinesai dashboard


ProofHub provides basic reports on team activity and message metrics, helping you track volume, response times, and individual performance related to your WhatsApp communication. offers a deep dive into customer interactions, agent performance, and campaign effectiveness. Think sentiment analysis, detailed engagement metrics, and actionable insights to identify areas for improvement and optimize your WhatsApp strategy.

Pricing and Value:

ProofHub starts at $8 per user per month, making it an affordable option for small teams with basic needs., with its advanced features and multi-account capabilities, starts at $19 per user per month. While slightly pricier, it offers significant value for businesses seeking a comprehensive WhatsApp management solution.
Number of WhatsApp AccountsSingleMultiple
Team CollaborationBasic (task management, file sharing, discussions)Advanced (shared labels, internal notes, automated escalation)
Automation & ChatbotsLimited (task reminders, notifications)Powerful (custom chatbots, automated workflows, canned responses)
Analytics & ReportingBasic (message volume, response times, individual performance)In-depth (customer interactions, agent performance, campaign effectiveness, sentiment analysis)
Features Specific to WhatsAppMessage forwarding, chat history search, task creation from messagesLabels, canned responses, automated greetings, chat tagging, welcome messages, keyword triggers
Security & ComplianceTwo-factor authentication, data encryptionGDPR compliance, HIPAA compliance, SOC 2 Type II certified
IntegrationsZapier, Google Drive, DropboxCRM tools, Helpdesk systems, Live chat tools
Mobile AppAvailable on iOS and AndroidAvailable on iOS and Android

Matching the Right Tool to Your Needs:

Choosing the right platform depends on your business size, communication goals, and budget.

ProofHub is ideal for:

  •  Small teams managing a single WhatsApp account
  •  Businesses prioritizing basic team collaboration and task management
  •  Budget-conscious companies seeking an affordable entry point is ideal for:

  •  Large teams or businesses juggling multiple WhatsApp accounts
  •  Companies focusing on advanced automation, chatbots, and in-depth analytics
  •  Organizations prioritizing seamless team collaboration and multi-account management

Ready to Master Your WhatsApp Communication?

Whether you choose ProofHub or, remember that effective WhatsApp communication goes beyond just the tools. By understanding your audience, crafting engaging content, and responding promptly, you can turn WhatsApp into a powerful tool for connecting with your customers, partners, and team in a way that’s both personal and productive.

So, which platform will help you in the WhatsApp world? Take your pick.

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