Send automated WhatsApp messages when Deals are accepted in Teamleader Focus

Are you tired of manually sending WhatsApp messages to customers when their deals are accepted in Teamleader Focus? If so, you need to check out our new integration, Save time and stay organized with automated WhatsApp messages for Teamleader Focus deals.

To get started, simply connect your Teamleader Focus account to our integration. Once connected, you can create a new automation that will send a WhatsApp message whenever a deal is accepted. You can customize the message to include any information you want, such as the customer’s name, the deal amount, and the closing date.

Once you’ve created your automation, you can sit back and relax while our integration takes care of the rest. We’ll send the WhatsApp message to your customer automatically, and you’ll be notified once it’s been sent.

1. Under “Choose A Trigger”, Click On The “When This Happens…” Dropdown Button and type in “Deal Accepted”.

How to integrate TeamLeader Focus and WhatsApp

2. Click on “Deal Accepted”

WhatsApp TeamLeader Focus integration

3. Under “Choose an Action”, click on the “automatically do this” dropdown button and type in “Send message to new chat”.

TeamLeader Focus WhatsApp integration

4. Click on “Send Message to New Chat”

Connecting TeamLeader Focus with WhatsApp

16. Click on Connect My Apps

TeamLeader Focus WhatsApp integration

17. Click on Deal Accepted in Teamleader Focus

WhatsApp TeamLeader Focus integration

18. Click on Sign in

TeamLeader Focus and WhatsApp integration

19. Click on Login…

WhatsApp and TeamLeader Focus integration

20. Click on Open Send Message to New Chat in TimelinesAI

Click on Open Send Message to New Chat in TimelinesAI

21. A new window will open allowing you to enter your Token

How to integrate TeamLeader Focus and WhatsApp

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