WhatsApp Numbers Sharing With TimelinesAI

If you have online communities for your WhatsApp business, chances are, you need to do WhatsApp number sharing.

However, organizing your messaging apps can get complicated and confusing.

The good news is that TimelinesAI can help you give better service to your current community!

Today, we discuss how to utilize TimelinesAI to share iPhone and Android contacts. Don’t worry. It’s easy and doable even on a mobile phone!

TimelinesAI Numbers Sharing Overview

TimelinesAI is a tool that lets you sync unlimited WhatsApp business numbers. It’s ideal for any community for developers or independent businesses alike.

With its CRM integrations and message feature, you gain control of your organization.

What we like about Timelines AI is you can share WhatsApp numbers with your team and send an individual message from anywhere!

Why You Need WhatsApp Numbers Sharing Using TimelinesAI

Contact list sharing is essential for mid to large-scale businesses with many employees. It improves collaboration and organizes your social network.

Here are more reasons why you need TimelinesAI to share numbers.

1. Allow Your Team Access to Multiple WhatsApp Numbers

TimelinesAI allows you to share access to contacts with your agents. With this messaging service, two or more numbers can have a single inbox and Google Drive backup.

This means everyone can collaborate and respond to customer inquiries through mutual contacts. Through TimelinesAI, you can manage your accounts under one workspace! Of course, there is still privacy and accountability within the team even with the WhatsApp numbers sharing. The inbox is shared, but each agent has an account.

How Can You Connect and Share Multiple WhatsApp Numbers?

To connect multiple WhatsApp numbers and share access, you have to connect your number. You may register and receive your QR code within minutes.

Next, invite your team members using their WhatsApp numbers. After this, with contact syncing, chats will get synchronized automatically in real time.

Finally, once you’re set-up, you can begin WhatsApp number sharing.

To distinguish the chats between each contact detail, there’s an option to use filters according to the phone number. Due to this feature, it’s easy to switch between tabs to see different chats coming from connected numbers!

2. Share Backup Files From Multiple Numbers into Google Drive

Sharing contacts means you get to back up a large chunk of phone numbers into a single Google Drive.

With TimelinesAI, you may export and download individual phone numbers.

It doesn’t matter which team member started the chat. You can filter them, print them out, or save them in your Google Drive backup!

Can Two Different Numbers Share the Same Inbox?

Yes! Timeliness lets you share inboxes and contact numbers between your agents.

Through the shared inbox, you get to improve productivity and teamwork in the organization!

3. Send Messages Without Sharing Your WhatsApp Number

Is there a way to send messages without sharing numbers in WhatsApp? The quick answer is yes, there is.

Since Facebook became WhatsApp’s parent company, WhatsApp usernames are underway. The Meta-owned platform will soon let users send messages without needing iOS or Android phone numbers.

Still, development for the messaging company can take years! This is where TimelinesAI comes in. You can use our app to send messages without revealing your numbers.

With TimelinesAI, each account is isolated and protected. It’s a great tool for data security, and it improves the privacy of your social network.

Can You Make a WhatsApp Group Without Sharing Numbers?

Starting a new WhatsApp chat without sharing or saving numbers is possible!

Your agents can start WhatsApp chats with your customers using your WhatsApp accounts. The app supports group chats and regular chats.

What’s more, even if you don’t have a contact detail saved, TimelinesAI can automatically start a chat. You may do this via Pipedrive, webhook automation, and mass messaging.

4. Get Unlimited Syncs

With TimelinesAI, you can add unlimited numbers and agents. You get to share WhatsApp numbers from all your CRMs.

Plus, the information between each active WhatsApp user syncs in the background continuously. You get a full view of your agent’s conversations from your iOS or Android phone.

Because of the regular updates, you gain control of your contact list and WhatsApp business communication!

Can You Use TimelinesAI for Sharing and Managing Numbers?

If you’re a social media manager, TimelinesAI lets you manage accounts from multiple clients.

You can download numbers to your mobile device and share information with another iOS or Android phone.

It’s convenient, and it streamlines your processes.

Moreover, you can manage and share multiple numbers while keeping your client’s privacy. You control which numbers get access to certain accounts!

How to Share WhatsApp Numbers Using TimelinesAI

Sharing WhatsApp numbers using TimelinesAI is easy. Here’s how you do it.

Connecting Your Number to TimelinesAI

First, log in to TimelinesAI through your Android phone or any mobile device. You may want to undergo the creation of phone numbers specifically for the business. Next, make a profile and connect to TimelinesAI using your prepared number. A QR code will appear, and you scan this using WhatsApp on your iOS or Android phone.

Inviting Agents With Different WhatsApp Numbers

After you connect with TimelinesAI, you may now invite your agents to join your workspace.

Go through your contact list and send an invitation to the individual contact. Any WhatsApp number will work, and you may even send the link via chat message!

Once your team members accept, you’ll see their status under the accounts tab. You can now share client numbers, email addresses, and even message previews.

Don’t worry. Even if you connect with many messaging app users, there’s no difference in how chats appear to clients.


TimelinesAI is the perfect tool for WhatsApp number sharing. It gives you full control of which team members get access. Plus, you can conveniently do it with a few clicks.

With the TimelinesAI app, you can back up your client’s WhatsApp numbers by sharing and saving them on Google Drive. You also get continuous syncs and unlimited numbers across all your accounts. If you want to try TimelinesAI, you can check our terms of service or request a demo!

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