Seamlessly Sync Your WhatsApp Contacts with Keap

Experience the ultimate convenience of effortlessly importing all your WhatsApp chats directly into Keap.

TimeliensAI will create contact records in Keap CRM for you when receive WhatsApp messages
Create automated WhatsApp messages
Don't switch between apps and send WhatsApp messages directly from Keap CRM

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TimelinesAI – Revolutionize Your WhatsApp Communication and WhatsApp CRM Integration!

Transform the way you manage your WhatsApp interactions and seamlessly integrate them WhatsApp with your CRM!


Simplify Your WhatsApp Inbox
With TimelinesAI, you can manage multiple WhatsApp numbers in one place. We provide you with a shared inbox that streamlines all your conversations in one place.


Effortless WhatsApp CRM Integration
TimelinesAI seamlessly integrates WhatsApp with a wide range of CRM systems, allowing you to sync your customer data automatically. Say goodbye to manual data entry and automated data management.


Boost Productivity
Our suite of tools is designed to enhance your team's productivity. Collaborate more efficiently, assign tasks, and prioritize leads – all within the TimelinesAI platform.


Customizable Whatsapp Management Solutions
We understand that every business is unique. TimelinesAI offers customizable features to adapt to your specific needs, ensuring a tailor-made solution that fits seamlessly into your workflow.

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Seamlessly Sync Your WhatsApp Contacts with Keap

Experience the ultimate convenience of effortlessly importing all your WhatsApp chats directly into Keap.

Your new WhatsApp conversations appear instantly in Keap

It’s as simple as a single click to get started
Stay in the know with up-to-the-minute updates
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Empower your business with Automated WhatsApp Messaging from Keap CRM

Elevate your customer engagement by automating and personalizing WhatsApp messages right from Keap

Easily configure Keap to trigger personalized WhatsApp messages for special events

Automate repetitive messages and tasks

Impress your customers with advanced support
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Send whatsapp messages from Keap

Magane WhatsApp chats within Keap

Effortlessly take control of your chats, respond quickly, and stay deeply engaged - all within the Keap CRM environment.

Send WhatsApp messages directly from Keap using our WhatsApp Chrome extension
Preview your WhatsApp messages in Keap
Forget the technical hurdles; you can get started in just 2 minutes, no coding skills are needed!
One Inbox for Multiple WhatsApp Numbers

One Inbox for All Your WhatsApp Numbers

Handle all your WhatsApp chats from different numbers in one place with our team-powered inbox.

Easy Integration- Connect effortlessly with a single click
Add all your WhatsApp numbers quickly by scanning the QR code
Simplify your WhatsApp management with a range of collaboration tools
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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about WhatsApp and Keap CRM integration

What is the benefit of integrating WhatsApp with Keap CRM?

Integrating WhatsApp with Keap CRM allows you to:

  • Automatically sync contacts from WhatsApp to Keap CRM
  • Send Whatsapp messages from Keap
  • Preview the WhatsApp message history right from Keap
  • Set up automated WhatsApp messages

This enables you to manage leads more efficiently without any lost.

How does the WhatsApp and Keap integration work?

The integration between WhatsApp and Keap CRM allows for seamless data synchronization. Contacts and messages from WhatsApp are automatically captured and organized within your Keap CRM

Can I automate follow-ups and marketing campaigns using this integration?

Absolutely! The WhatsApp and Keap integration enables you to automate follow-up messages, marketing campaigns, and other actions based on WhatsApp.

Can I integrate my existing WhatsApp numbers into Keap CRM?

Absolutely! You can onboard all your existing WhatsApp numbers with just a few clicks, making it simple to centralize your communication.

What benefits does the integration offer for my business?

With Copper CRM’s WhatsApp integration, you can:

  • Automatically sync Person records in Copper for incoming WhatsApp messages.
  • Ensure seamless updates from WhatsApp to Copper, keeping your data synchronized.
  • Streamline lead communication by centralizing conversations within Copper.

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