General questions

What is TimelinesAI? How it may be useful for my team?

TimelinesAI is a shared inbox for Whatsapp. The app is meant to bring you control over the communication with your clients and customers.

The app helps business owners and their teams to quickly set up Whatsapp as a communication channel with your customers. We use it ourselves at our team at Initech, to stay aware of the recent updates from our customers and clients and save time on meetings and reports.

You can organize, quickly access, share and reply to messages from Whatsapp as a team. Exchange comments, set reminders and keep the information from business messages from loss.

Here is a short video that illustrates what you can do within the app:

Is TimelinesAI an official WhatsApp solution?

No. TimelinesAI is an independently running service not endorsed or related to WhatsApp and Facebook.
We think that SMBs may see value in quickly setting up their team to collaborate on Whatsapp messages, and this is essentially what our app is – a “Whatsapp Web with collaboration features on top of it”.

Can I use my own number with your app? Does it work with Whatsapp business or personal numbers?

Yes, you can connect your own number. As a benefit, you also get to upload your Whatsapp chat history. This way, even if you decide to switch from using Whatsapp, the messaging with your clients will remain searchable and accessible to you and your team. TimelinesAI works with any type of Whatsapp numbers (business and regular).

How exactly does the app work?

You activate your Whatsapp number by scanning a QR-code, just like with Whatsapp Web.  Once you invite your team members, you’re all set for the team collaboration on your Whatsapp number. It takes ~5 minutes and requires no development skills to start managing Whatsapp together in your team. 

All the chats, messages, files, and replies will be automatically synced at a company-wide level for quick access, review, and collaboration.


Can I send mass messages to new contacts on Whatsapp?

TimelinesAI enables your team to send Bulk Replies to the custom lists of your contacts on Whatsapp.

It works similar to Broadcasting on Whatsapp, but provides you with a bit more options.

Users of TimelinesAI can:

  • Send the marketing message in bulk to the customers who have interacted with your business. The recipients don’t have to have your number saved in their contact book.
  • Send the bulk reply to more than 256 contacts. You can segment or filter customer chats by labels, types (groups or direct chats) and save these lists as presets. The bulk reply is useful to send updates, news, and upsell services to your customers.


What about my privacy? Does anyone get to read messages that belong to me or my clients?

Your data is safe: chats are encrypted and stored on servers that we rent in EU so it falls under GDPR protection. Only people that you have specifically invited into your workspace will be able to see messages from your Whatsapp account. There are even several permission levels to decide what chats will be accessible to what team members. You can find out more about our GDPR compliance here.

I have another question. How to reach out to you?

Use the chat in the right bottom corner of your screen (the quickest), or write us to hello(at)