General questions

What is TimelinesAI? How it may be useful for my team?

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TimelinesAI is a shared inbox for Whatsapp and email. The app is meant to bring you control over the communication with your clients and customers.

The app helps business owners and their teams to quickly set up Whatsapp as a communication channel with your customers. We use it ourselves at our team at Initech, to stay aware of the recent updates from our customers and clients and save time on meetings and reports.

You can organize, quickly access, share and reply to messages from Whatsapp as a team. Exchange comments, set reminders and keep the information from business messages from loss.

Here is a short video that illustrates what you can do within the app:

How exactly does the app work?

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You activate your Whatsapp number by scanning a QR-code, just like with Whatsapp Web. From this moment, you’re all set up for the team collaboration on your Whatsapp number.

All the chats, messages, files and replies will be automatically synched a company-wide level for quick access, review, and collaboration.

Read the article below to find out more:

Getting started with TimelinesAI

What kind of communication can I manage in Timelines?

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You can manage:

  • Email (via G-mail addon or auto-forward emails into the app)
  • Whatsapp chats and replies

For email, you may set up auto-forwarding from the email client of choice (Outlook, etc.), or export and forward the chat history from your messenger app.

Here’s how you set up auto-forwarding:

How to set up automatic e-mail forwarding into TimelinesAI

You can also request or vote for new direct integrations on our Public Roadmap.   

Are there any limits to the number of messages or collaborators?

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During the early access stage (which is effective now), there are no limits – but this may change in the future. So the best time to try the TimelinesAI app is now.

What about my privacy? Does anyone get to read messages that belong to me or my clients?

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We take your privacy and security seriously.

You are the only one who can see your information within TimelinesAI. We enable you with multiple settings to control who may access your messages, per topic. When you invite someone to collaborate or view your Timeline, this person gets a code that can only be used once, so the access will not be shared further without your permission.

Your data is kept in encrypted storage in the data centers located in the EU. Our employees can’t see your data without your permission. For instance, our developers occasionally need to handle bugs and technical issues related to email processing. They access such data in a regulated and highly secure way so that your sensitive information is never exported from servers and services operated by Timelines.

We will never share your email or social information with anyone. You can cease using TimelinesAI at any time and we’ll permanently delete all of your information by your request.

Here is the link to our Privacy Policy page in case you want to learn more about the ways we’re handling your data.

I have another question. How to reach out to you?

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Use the Intercom chat in the right bottom corner of your screen (the quickest), or write us to hello(at) 

Getting started questions

How to start working with TimelinesAI? Does it require prior setup or configuration?

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To get started, register a profile with our app, choose “Whatsapp” and connect your Whatsapp number.

There is no other installation or set up required.

Read this article to find out more tips for getting started with TimelinesAI:

Getting started with TimelinesAI

What are “Timelines” and why do I need to import my emails or chats into a Timeline?

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Timelines are basically folders that contain messages that revolve around a specific topic. Our clients usually name their timelines after clients, projects, or companies they work with. 

Importing messages into a Timeline makes them accessible for the entire team and enables you to organize and collaborate on your business communication. 

Your communication gets automatically sorted in chronological order and all the attachments get imported and sorted for your quick access as well. You may tag your messages, set reminders, and tasks to follow up with clients, exchange comments, etc. 

Watch this short 90-second video to learn how you may organize your messages from Whatsapp and email in TimelinesAI:

How do I import my emails into the app?

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There are several ways to import your emails into TimelinesAI:

  • Install our add-on for G-mail
  • Set up automatic email forwarding into the app (works for any email client)
  • Cc’ your Timelines’ address to the email or thread (this will get the Timeline assigned to a specific discussion) 
  • Forward a singular email to the email address of your Timeline

Read the following article for more details on getting started with TimelinesAI:

Getting started with TimelinesAI

How to export my chats from Whatsapp?

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Create a profile with TimelinesAI. Choose “Whatsapp” tab, and scan the QR-code with your Whatsapp application.

You’ll be able to choose if you want to sync all the chats or only some of them (in case you have private chats and messages).

You may also read the following article to learn how to export your messages from Whatsapp into TimelinesAI:


Importing WhatsApp messages into Timelines

What can I do to organize my work with messages and files in TimelinesAI?

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You can sort your messages in the relevant folders, tag, bookmark, filter and search through the entire communication in your company in one place. All the attachments, documents, images and files get imported and sorted for quick access automatically as well.

Read this article to get a detailed answer to your question:

How to Collaborate On Email and Whatsapp Messages As a Team In TimelinesAI

Do I need to import messages manually every time to update the Timeline?

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No. The sync with Whatsapp is automatic, the messages, files, and replies get synched in real-time. Create a profile to try it!

Work with a team

How do I invite my teammates to work in the same workspace?

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Go to the Workspace tab in the app. It is located in the navigation menu to your left. Open the Team menu there (Workspace > Team). Enter the email of your teammate to send them an invite. 

You may also share access to a specific Timeline or share selected messages with a link. 

Read the article about team collaboration in TimelinesAI to learn how this works:


How to Collaborate On Email and Whatsapp Messages As a Team In TimelinesAI


Is there a way to set roles and edit rights to allow or hide access to specific Timelines?

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Sure! Use the Team menu in the app. It is located in the Workspace tab to your left in the app.

By default, when you invite a user into your workspace, they get assigned a Teammate role, which means they will be able to view and edit all the Timelines in your workspace.

 To limit their rights to view only Timelines they are invited to, select the Collaborator role. 

To grant access that is limited only to view, use our Guest access mode. 

Read the article about team collaboration in TimelinesAI to learn how this works:

How to Collaborate On Email and Whatsapp Messages As a Team In TimelinesAI


How to share messages from Timelines with someone else? How do I learn if they were viewed?

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We have the illustrated article that provides a detailed answer to your question:

How to Collaborate On Email and Whatsapp Messages As a Team In TimelinesAI


Troubleshooting (something doesn't work?)

My emails don’t get imported into the app when I forward them. Why?

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Most likely, you’re trying to import or forward the emails using the email account different from what you’ve registered your profile with. 

To protect your workspace from spam, we have a whitelisting system in place. This means if you want to import emails from the accounts that don’t match the email you or your teammates signed up with, you need to whitelist it first.

Go to the Whitelist tab and enter the email that you want to whitelist. If you want to whitelist the emails for the entire domain, enter the % symbol before the domain address (example: 

You may disable the whitelist entirely and allow any email to import messages into your workspace by entering the % symbol instead of the e-mal (example: %).