TimelinesAI Partnership Program

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What is TimelinesAI?

TimelinesAI is a Whatsapp Shared Inbox and Whatsapp to CRM integration software service. You can connect multiple Whatsapp accounts, share access to contacts&messaging across the team, introduce messaging automation, or synchronize the messaging into a CRM system like Pipedrive, Hubspot, or other third-party tools.

What is the key value proposition of TimelinesAI?

As Whatsapp usage grows each year in LATAM, Israel, UK, Singapore, Germany and other countries, businesses naturally adopt Whatsapp as their sales or support channels. Usually, this results in Whatsapp being “a blind spot” in their operations, as Whatsapp doesn’t provide businesses with any means to delegate & control the efficiency of communication with their clients.

Most likely, if your client or connection uses Whatsapp as a sales or support channel, TimelinesAI will be useful to them. 

TimelinesAI is mainly used by small-to-medium teams or departments to:

a) introduce control & insight into the performance of Whatsapp in their sales or support campaigns

b) easily scale the # of support or sales agents that use Whatsapp as a main or complementary channel in their work with clients.

c) automate message sending to Whatsapp to save time & scale the size of the customer audience via Whatsapp

What are the main benefits of TimelinesAI over Whatsapp Business API?

  • Ease of setup. To connect Whatsapp to TimelinesAI, the user has to scan the QR code just like with Whatsapp Web/Desktop. No technical knowledge or development is required, and it only takes 1 minute to start using Whatsapp with TimelinesAI.
  • Scaleability. While Whatsapp Multidevice enables users to connect up to 5 users for 1 account, TimelinesAI supports sharing access with up to 100 team agents (and more).
  • Multiple Whatsapp accounts support. TimelinesAI supports simultaneous connection of multiple Whatsapp accounts. For example, if the sales managers each use a Whatsapp account in their work, the team can connect all their accounts to TimelinesAI at the same time. Whatsapp Business/API doesn’t offer any solution for such a use case.
  • Whatsapp groups support. There are certain niches (like education and real estate) that use Whatsapp groups as the main feature to operate. Whatsapp Business/API doesn’t support group functionality. TimelinesAI enables such teams to collaborate on Whatsapp groups.
  • Whatsapp collaboration, organization, and team management features. TimelinesAI Shared Inbox is best explained as “Whatsapp Web with collaboration features”. As each user is invited via their email, each action on Whatsapp is recorded after a specific user which makes it easier to distribute work and control it’s efficiency.

What will be the sales process? How does it work?

Once you join us as a partner, you will get a unique referral link. Send leads to TimelinesAI using that unique referral link. We will keep the cookie for 60 days & if the lead signs up within 60 days of referral, it will get logged under you and you will get a commission cut for whatever this lead pays TimelinesAI from thereon.

TimelinesAI Sales Team will take care of the deal closing and TimelinesAI Support Team will make sure that referred user stays with us for the longest possible period.

So, you just have to refer users to TimelinesAI & we will take care of the rest.

How much will I earn as a TimelinesAI Partner? 

TimelinesAI Pricing is pretty straightforward. To use TimelinesAI (with or without the Whatsapp number), each user requires a seat. The price is calculated based on the number of users and the plan that fits a specific use case (CRM integration, Shared Inbox, Mass Messaging, etc.). So if the user needs 10 seats for the Shared Inbox plan ($40/seat), the monthly price is $400/mo.

The lifetime of our customers is high and usually exceeds a year since we’re focused on delivering the service that helps to directly improve the Whatsapp-based operations of our end users.

Our commission usually starts at 10% and gradually increased up to 20% based on the revenue brought by your referrals. But as an Early Bird Partner, you get a chance to start with 20% commission right away.

It means you refer 20 clients as described above, you will earn up to $2000/mo.

Where may I read more about your key services and features to share it in my content or present it to my clients?

TimelinesAI has several key services:

How do I become TimelinesAI partner? 

Submit your request on TimelinesAI Partner Portal. You will need to create a profile on Reditus first, and then you will be able to sign up for our program and customer portal.

Submitting now and referring us a customer grants you 20% commission terms for all the period of your coooperation with TimelinesAI. Alternatively, you may schedule a demo call with our manager.



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