Sync Whatsapp Group Chats into Pipedrive

With TimelinesAI your team can reply to group chats, share links to messages, exchange comments, and set follow-up reminders.

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Automatically track Whatsapp group chats on Pipedrive

If you need to synch group chats integrate Whatsapp to Pipedrive in one click.  Set the integration once. Synchronize Whatsapp group chats automatically from multiple devices of your sales or support agents in real-time.

Preview messages from Whatsapp group chats on Pipedrive

You are able to see an overview of the recent WhatsApp group messages on the Pipedrive interface. You can also follow a short link to chat with a contact and see the full chat history on the TimelinesAI app. Messages are synced automatically in real-time.

Send messages to group chats via the Pipedrive interface

With TimelinesAI you can reply to Whatsapp group chats right from the Pipedrive interface. It enables you and your agents to send text messages and attachments to WhatsApp groups using your Whatsapp accounts.

Set a filtered view for group chats on Whatsapp Shared Inbox

You can create a new filter by pressing the New filter button near the search bar. There are plenty of criteria to sort your contacts from Whatsapp, you can choose between direct chats, group chats, or include both. Try it for free on the TimelinesAI app.

Disable sync of your private chats

You can prevent syncing private chats. If you do so, your private groups and chats will not be seen in Pipedrive. These chats will remain on Whatsapp on your mobile and you will be able to respond to them from your mobile.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about using WhatsApp with multiple agents in your team

How long does it take to set up Whatsapp to share with my team on TimelinesAI

It takes ~5 minutes to start working on Whatsapp with your team on TimelinesAI. The app uses the Whatsapp Web connection, so all you need to do is connect your number and invite your agents to collaborate.  Connect your Whatsapp number with no code.

How to integrate Whatsapp with Pipedrive?

TimelinesAI enables you to integrate your Whatsapp profile with Pipedrive directly, in one click:

  1. Install TimelinesAI – Whatsapp Pipedrive integration on the Pipedrive marketplace.
  2. Connect your Whatsapp account to TimelinesAI by scanning the system-generated QR code with your Whatsapp mobile application.
  3. Press “Connect” on the Integrations>Pipedrive page.

That’s it! From this moment, the Whatsapp messaging from the connected Whatsapp account will be automatically synchronized into corresponding Pipedrive’s Persons and Deals.


Сan I create a WhatsApp group chat via the Pipedrive interface?

No, unfortunately, it is impossible to create a WhatsApp group in the Pipedrive interface.

Group chat can only be created on WhatsApp, and it automatically syncs to Pipedrive.

Does Whatsapp Pipedrive integration support attachment files (documents, voice messages, etc.)?

Yes. Attachments from your Whatsapp chats will be synchronized into Pipedrive and displayed in the corresponding Persons and Deals.


Does it require Whatsapp API?

No, it works with the Whatsapp Web connection of your device.


Can I try the Whatsapp to Pipedrive integration for free?

Yes, we offer 10 days of a free trial, no credit card is required. Connect your Whatsapp profile for free on the TimelinesAI app and you will get 10 days of a fully functional free trial.