Getting Started with TimelinesAI

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Use Shared Inbox for your business

TimelinesAI is a Shared Inbox for Whatsapp. The app enables you to connect your or someone’s Whatsapp number and share access to manage it across the team. The process is simple and works just like with Whatsapp Web.

Manage your chats

Sharing the access with your teammates will allow you and your teammates to manage all your chats in one place fast and efficiently.

Once you invite your teammates, they will be able to reply to the incoming messages and use all the collaboration functionality: comments, follow-up reminders, assign a responsible, etc.

Sync your chats automatically

Once you connect your Whatsapp number, TimelinesAI will sync the list of your chats and upload up to 50 messages from each chat.

More history may be uploaded on demand when someone from your team scrolls through the specific chat.

Access your chat history

Unlike in the regular Whattsapp, if you disconnect your number, TimelinesAI will keep the history of your chats available for reading and searching in your workspace. This may be useful to maintain the knowledge about client-specific deals and offers in case your business will change the Whatsapp number.

Give it a try

Connect Your Whatsapp Number and Share Inbox with TimelinesAI

Share Whatsapp Inbox With Your Team and Collaborate On TimelinesAI

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