Top 10 Productivity Tools For Whatsapp Business


If you’re looking for WhatsApp marketing software that will improve your team productivity on Whatsapp, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve looked up Whatsapp business tools that enable you to:

  • open same Whatsapp account on multiple devices, 
  • introduce Whatsapp to Pipedrive integration (or any CRM integration)
  • integrate Whatsapp chat on your website,
  • enable notifications from Whatsapp on your desktop

…and many more. We hope it comes in useful to you and your business!

TimelinesAI – Shared Inbox for Whatsapp

TimelinesAI enables you to bring your Whatsapp communication to the tools you use. You can integrate your Whatsapp chats to PipeDrive, Salesforce, and even  

At its core, TimelinesAI is a Shared Inbox for Whatsapp that enables you to connect and manage multiple Whatsapp devices in one place. If it’s important for you to be able to manage group chats, TimelinesAI supports groups too. 

Once you connect your number, you can invite your team to collaborate on Whatsapp chats. Your managers will be able to open your Whatsapp Web on multiple devices, reply to incoming chats simultaneously, exchange comments, set follow-up reminders. 

Since TimelinesAI is focused on managing long-term relations with your clients, it enables you to reply to your contacts in bulk. The only requirement – the recipients must have contacted your business previously, to comply with Whatsapp Terms of Service. 

Here’s a video that explains how TimelinesAI works:


JoinChat – WordPress plugin for Whatsapp

If you need to integrate Whatsapp chat widget in a WordPress website, has you covered. It can help you configure your support team and define their customer service hours, create a ChatBot that interacts with users before accessing WhatsApp and even automatically insert links to landing pages into the chat.

Since the widget can randomly distribute new WhatsApp chats to an unlimited number of phones, it can be a good addition if you manage multiple Whatsapp numbers in TimelinesAI.


Whatsapp Reminders

Whatsapp Reminders from is a famous to-do list mobile application that helps to organize your life. They have recently introduced a bot that enables you to create personal tasks and reminders for Whatsapp. All you have to do is to message on your mobile Whatsapp application to set a task or a reminder to yourself. A bot then will message you back at a selected time.

Outside voice

Outside Voice – Surveys on Whatsapp

Outside Voice is the only tool that enables your respondents to complete surveys without leaving their Whatsapp application. They claim to provide response rates of up to >95%. 

The service helps combine multi-choice answers with video and audio to get deeper insights by letting people express themselves more fully. To achieve it, Outside Voice hooks up to your customer database and triggers interviews to your customers based on their position in the customer journey. The features include automatic transcriptions, data export, and real-time answers.

Landbot e1615558232699

Landbot – Intuitive chatbot builder

Landbot allows you to build high-quality chatbots in minutes, without coding. The format can adjust to a landing page, site embed, pop-up and website widget. It can help you to engage with users on WhatsApp. The app offers automations that collect data with variables, personalize with conditional logic, and make calculations with formulas.


Boxy Michael Elbx

Boxy – GDPR-Compliant Whatsapp Business Device

Boxy is kinda unique in our roundup, because it is the only physical device in this list.

Created by a German consultant who specializes in Whatsapp, it is a portable small box that creates a virtual Whatsapp environment. It only runs Whatsapp which makes it GDPR compliant. It may actually be useful to businesses who want to connect with their customers on Whatsapp but were concerned about GDPR regulation while using Whatsapp.

The box enables you to connect the webcam, monitor (via HDMI), and mouse and keyboard. This makes it a fully autonomous Whatsapp console.


WA ToolkitNotifications from Whatsapp on your Desktop

WA Toolkit is a Chrome extension that actually adds notifications from your Whatsapp Web to your desktop. It means that you can close Whatsapp in your browser, but still never miss a message. 

The extension makes the number of unread messages always visible. You can hover the mouse over the icon and you will see a summary of your unread conversations in a tooltip. In addition, the icon will become orange if there’s some kind of connectivity issue with your phone. You can still hide the button if you want, just right-click on it and select “Hide button”.


Spetz – Start Whatsapp Web Chats in One Click

Spetz enables you to start conversations on Whatsapp right from your Whatsapp browser. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Select a phone number
  • Right click ‘Send WhatsApp Message’ / ctrl+shift+9
  • A conversation with the number you selected will be opened in a new window of WhatsApp Web

By the way, TimelinesAI enables you to start new conversations right from the web interface of the application. It may be helpful if you’re looking for a tool to enable multiple managers to collaborate on Whatsapp as a team. 


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