How to manage Chats and Teammates

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Teammates & Roles

You can invite your teammates in the Account Settings tab. 

By default, they get invited with a “Collaborator” role, so don’t forget to change the role to the “Teammate” if you want them to see all the chats. Here’s the difference:

  • Teammate – can view any chat in the Workspace, update or edit them. Can’t delete the Owner. This role is useful for everyday support and collaboration on Whatsapp.
  • Collaborator – can view only the chats they were specifically shared access to. All the other chats will not be visible to them. Collaborators can only manage the chats they were invited to, and only edit the content created by them. This role is useful for work with contractors or people from other teams.


Once you connect your Whatsapp number, TimelinesAI will automatically sync new chats, messages, and replies. New chats will come on top of the list and will be marked as unread. 

If the number is saved in the contact book of the Owner, it will be named according to the contact. Otherwise, it will contain a number as a title. You can rename the chat after the recipient – to do it, press the edit icon next to the chat’s name. 

Responsible for Chats

By default, new chats are unassigned. To assign the Responsible for the chat:

  • Click on the avatar icon under the Responsible tab,
  • Choose the team member from the dropdown list.
  • After you select a teammate, they will get an email and in-app notification. This can be useful to assign chats as tasks to specific team members. This action may be performed in bulk if you select several chats and press Assign responsible:



TimelinesAI enables your team to collectively manage and reply to chats. There is no difference for the recipient who exactly replies to the chat – the answers will be sent from the number you’ve connected to Timelines. 

TimelinesAI supports group chats. They work just the same as regular chats.

For now, TimelinesAI doesn’t support mass/bulk replies. We’re thinking on enabling that, but it requires careful consideration to comply with Whatsapp’s Terms of Service and protect your accounts. Let us know if this functionality is important to your team!

Performance Stats


TimelinesAI provides key metrics to quickly understand how well your team is performing with supporting your clients on Whatsapp chats. Here’s what these key metrics are:

  • Average messages per day. Helps to measure how intense or frequent the communication is. 
  • Same day response. Measures how many inquiries are replied the same day. In some cases, it may indicate the warmness of your client, in other – how responsive your support is for this particular client.
  • Average response rate. How fast your team responds to your clients.
  • Last message. Indicates how long ago there was a last message in this chat. If it was long ago, maybe it makes sense to follow up?

If you think there are other metrics that would make sense to your team, reach out to us in chat or suggest an improvement.
We’re open to suggestions, questions, and feature requests from our users!

I wear many hats at TimelinesAI in order to hear from our users and help the development team choose the right direction