Today, almost everything we do is digitalized, even businesses connecting with customers. Luckily, one of the best apps facilitating such essential customer interaction is the WhatsApp Business tool.

Primarily, WhatsApp Business is carefully designed to meet the needs of enterprises, making it a revolutionary method for customer communication. From setting up a business profile to using automation and analytics, this app has it all.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the WhatsApp Business tool, its features, and how it can benefit businesses. So, keep scrolling.

About WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp created WhatsApp Business in response to the growing demand. That’s because thousands of business owners needed a dedicated and more efficient messaging platform to manage bulk messages and interact more efficiently with customers.

After all, with over 2.5 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp can be a vital platform for businesses of all sizes, not just a personal chat app.

Having many distinct features and tools, WhatsApp Business can help a huge number of businesses engage with clients, streamline support, and enhance marketing strategies.

Through such a tool, businesses are able to create professional profiles, use messaging tools for quick responses, and even showcase their products with catalogs.

As for large-scale business, WhatsApp Business API is more efficient.

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is a tool that enables larger businesses to integrate the app’s messaging capabilities within their system. It’s especially essential for brands receiving bulk messages, allowing for advanced automation, better integration, and enhanced security.

Setting Up Your WhatsApp Business Account

If you have a thriving business, WhatsApp Business is what you need to make managing orders and bulk messages easier. Luckily, setting up a WhatsApp Business account is quite a straightforward process.

Check out the simple steps you should follow to create a business account.

  1. Download the app from your App Store or Google Play store.
  2. Launch the app, revise the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then press Agree and Continue.
  3. Select or enter your business phone number (it should be different from your personal WhatsApp account number).
  4. Verify the phone number through the code sent to you.
  5. Set up your business profile by entering your business name, description, contact information (phone number, email address, website), and business address.
  6. Upload a profile picture for your business, whether it’s the logo or a professional image associated with your brand.
  7. Access the settings to customize the working hours and automated messages.
  8. Go through and discover the messaging tools to get the most out of them.
  9. Create a catalog to showcase your products with all the images and descriptions needed.
  10. Promote your business number through your website, social media, and other communication channels.
  11. Start chatting with customers, whether manually or through preset templates.
  12. Make sure to keep your business profile updated with the latest information, including business hours, products, and contact details.

WhatsApp Business Tools

WhatsApp Business is more than just a messaging app. It features a variety of tools that can help businesses communicate with their customers and reply to bulk messages effectively.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the most powerful tools WhatsApp offers.

1. Business Profile

WhatsApp Business allows you to create a professional profile for your brand. You can add all your business’s essential information, such as the name, description, contact details, and website.

Doing so ensures your customers can identify and connect with your business easily. In turn, it boosts user’s loyalty and trust in your brand.

To access and edit your business profile, go to Settings. Then, open Business Settings > Profile.

2. Messaging Tools

For seamless communication with customers, WhatsApp Business provides you with a variety of messaging tools, including:

  • Quick Replies: This feature allows you to send predefined responses to frequently asked questions, saving precious time and ensuring consistent customer support. All you need is to type “/” on your keyboard and select the saved answer you want to use.
  • Template Messages: For specific types of messages, WhatsApp Business requires the use of message templates to maintain an excellent customer experience. This includes order confirmation, appointment reminders, and shipping notifications.
  • Automatic Greeting Message: Through messaging tools, you also get to set an automatic greeting message for users with over 14 days of inactivity. Such a message helps you introduce your business to potential customers without delay.
  • Away Message: Just like the greeting message, an away message appears to those who try to communicate with your business after hours. Whether you write a custom away message or just send your working hours, you can activate it at your desired times.

3. Catalogs

One of the most convenient features of the WhatsApp Business platform is the ability to create service or product catalogs. This tool allows you to showcase what you offer with images, descriptions, and prices.

To add a catalog, go to Chats. Then, press More Options > Business Tools > Catalog > Add New Collection. After that, you’ll need to enter the name of the collections and click NEXT. The last step is to select the items you need to add and tap DONE.

4. Contact Labels

Labeling chats allows you to organize and categorize contacts for easier management. You can group specific contacts under the label: “New Customers” or “Pending Order.” This way, you make sure no important message gets overlooked.

To add a new label, go to Settings and click Business Tools. Then, click on Labels, press the “+” symbol, and write the name of the label you want to add.

5. Analytics and Insights

The WhatsApp Business platform provides valuable insights and analytics to help you measure the performance of marketing campaigns. Such data includes message delivery rates, read receipts, and response rates.

Not only do these analytics empower you to make more informed decisions, but they also allow you to ensure your messages reach the target audience for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

WhatsApp Business tool offers hundreds of marvelous and helpful features for businesses. It makes things easier when it comes to communicating with customers, showing them what you’re selling, and keeping organized.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small startup or a huge company, WhatsApp has something for you.

On top of that, WhatsApp Business provides you with data about how your business is doing so you can work on what it needs. So, if you have a business receiving many orders that you want to keep under control, try the WhatsApp Business platform.

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